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Who will be this yeasr Tampa Bay Rays
Posted by Lou444 (3269 days ago)
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Who will be this years surprise team

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blue29 commented 3249 days ago
Actually The Royals and Rangers are both teams that play in Surprise, AZ. They are always the Surprise teams.
hwd23 commented 3256 days ago
and Jesse is right they have been at the top of the league in runs forever. Someone has to pitch
hwd23 commented 3256 days ago
How could the Brewers be a surprise team? Out of the rest you have to choose the reds because of the young talent. Will it come together? Thats the million dollar question.
Gillymo commented 3260 days ago
Has Erickson rigged this thing?
JesseLSiegel commented 3262 days ago
Yeah, but who is in their rotation? They've had hitting forever (see A-Rod, Teix, etc) but it's pitching that always holds them back. Who's their ace? Padilla? Millwood? Gross. The only guy who may be legit is Matt Harrison, and he's a rook. You can't expect Texas to go anywhere if they have no pitching.
bullzeye47 commented 3269 days ago

Look at the Rangers loaded projected lineup:

Kinsler 2B
Young 3B
Hamilton CF
Cruz RF (the next 30/30 guy?)
Davis 1B
Murphy LF
Andrus SS (rookie projected as the starting SS)
Byrd/Blalock DH
Teagarden/Saltalamacchia C
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