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Which OF do you prefer?
Posted by hippyripper (3200 days ago)
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Which OF do you think is worth a higher draft day pick in standard league formats?

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zoso1699 commented 3177 days ago
i drafted lee and had soriano and crawford available next. i took crawford. based on this poll - i should have taken soriano. woh is me.
JSchief216 commented 3183 days ago
The A's do not attempt many steals, while Colorado attempts more than most teams. I think Holliday is in for a regression in steals.
garascia commented 3195 days ago
Still waiting for that breakout year from Crawford. Until that happens I will use my premium picks on guaranteed production thank you. Carlos Lee is as reliable as they come. I will take a .290 AVG 30 HR 100 RBI season any day.
benjimo13 commented 3196 days ago
I think Holliday is due for a bust year. No Colorado air, but more important Oakland Ball park has the biggest foul territory I have ever seen. Alot of ball which are in the stands in most parks will be foul outs in Oakland. Watch Out
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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs
Houston Astros
Oakland A's
Tampa Bay Rays

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