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RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Draft Software Help  (Mac OS X)

A simple guide to RotoWire's fantasy baseball draft software for Mac OS X.

This guide is for the Mac OS X version of our draft software.
Click here if you're looking for help with the Windows version.


Download the RotoWire Mac Fantasy Baseball Software on this page:

  1. Go to the folder where you saved the downloaded file.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to start installation.
  3. Drag the baseball icon into your applications folder. The program should now be available in your list of applications. To start using the software, open it from Applications.


Edit League Setup: You can edit the league setup by choosing Drafts>Edit Draft Settings from the top main menu.

New Draft: To start a completely new draft, navigate to the top menu and select Drafts>New Draft. You will be prompted to enter a new name for the draft and select the league parameters. Once completed, click "Save & Close Settings."

Open Draft: To open a previously saved draft, navigate to the top menu and select Drafts>Open Draft. Select your preferred draft and select "Open Draft." You will have a chance to review the league parameters. Once completed, click "Save & Close Settings."

Duplicate Draft: To duplicate a draft and all of its settings, navigate to the top menu and choose Drafts>Duplicate Draft. Click on the draft that you wish to duplicate and enter a name for this draft. You will also have the option to reset draft picks on the draft that was duplicated by checking the corresponding box.

Delete Draft: To delete a draft, navigate to the top menu and select Drafts>Delete Draft. Find the draft that you wish to delete and click on the button that reads "Delete Draft." The software will prompt you to confirm that you would like to permanently delete the draft. Choose "Yes" to confirm that you wish to delete the draft or "No" to cancel the deletion process.

Reset Draft: To reset your draft, navigate to the top menu and choose Drafts>Reset Draft. The software will ask what you wish to reset with the following options: Reset Drafted Markings (Save Keepers), All Drafted Markings (Keepers too) or All Drafted Markings and Traded Picks.


League Style: Choose either a rotisserie or points style league. A rotisserie league ranks all teams based on specific categories. A points league assigns specific points to each category.

League Used: Under the league setup tab, locate the "Player Pool" drop-down menu and choose whether you use AL players, NL players or players from both leagues. If your league limits the free agent pool to specific teams then select "Custom" in the drop-down menu and check only the teams that you wish to be included. Only players currently on those teams and players not on any team will be displayed in the available player list.

Position Eligibility For Hitters: Select the number of games that a hitter needs to have played at a position last season in order to qualify at that position this season. This minimum games requirement will be used when you filter the player list. By default, only players who qualify at a specific position will be displayed when the player list is filtered by that position. Check the "List Unqualified Players" box to list a player under their expected position if that player doesn't qualify for any position (for example: minor leaguers).

Hitting and Pitching Categories: From the "Scoring" tab, select the categories that you wish to use for your league. If you have selected "Fantasy Points" for your league style then you will be able to add a points value for each category. You can use decimals and negative numbers for this value.


Draft Style: Choose whether your league uses a draft or an auction to select players. If your league uses a draft then you can set it up for a snake style, straight, 3rd round reversal, custom, or auction draft.

  • A snake style draft moves in the opposite direction for each round, first to last and then last to first.
  • A straight draft moves in one direction, first to last, during all rounds.
  • A 3rd round reversal draft advances from first to last and then last to first for the first two rounds and reverses in the third round. All subsequent rounds revert to the snake style format.

Salary Cap: If you choose Auction for your draft style, then you can enter the amount of money each team will have to spend on players by entering a value in the "League Salary Cap" field. You can add or subtract from the amount any one team begins the draft with by clicking on the "Team Setup" tab and adjusting the amount of the starting budget.

Reserve Players: If your league buys reserve players during the auction then click on the "Buy Reserve Roster Spots" checkbox. This will force the software to use all roster spots to calculate the remaining dollars for each team and not just the active roster spots.

Minimum Bid: Enter the minimum bid amount that your league uses for your auction. You can use decimal amounts in this field.


Adding Teams: Add the number of teams that are in your league. Try to set up the correct number of teams that your league will have even if you are not completely sure of the owner's names yet. You can always go back and change the team names without affecting the draft/auction. Click the checkbox next to your team. If you are in a draft style league then set the draft order.

WARNING: Adding or deleting teams after players have been assigned may affect the draft picks.


Roster Spots: Select the number of players who are ACTIVE on your roster at each position. This would be the positions that you start in your league. Use the RESERVES spot to indicate the total number of reserves that you use. This would include reserve spots, IR spots, minor league spots or any other roster spots that are not included in your starting lineup.

If you have specific starting pitcher and relief pitcher spots then use SP and RP to designate those spots. If your pitcher spots can be either starting or relief, then use P (Any Pitcher) for all of your pitching spots.

Roster Composition: The roster composition page displays the number of players assigned to your team at each position according to your league's roster settings. This grid is automatically updated once you begin to assign players to a team.

Available Player List: This is a list of all available free agents in your draft/auction. It displays your selected display categories as well as the calculated dollar value or rank, and position.

You can sort the list by any of the column headers by clicking on them. Filter the list by using the position buttons above the list. Clicking on any of these players will bring that player to view in the info section on the bottom half of the screen. This window displays the player's 11/18/2017 outlook, latest news for that player and his stats/projection.

Player Search: Use the player search drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen to add a player to a team, or view the latest news or outlook on a player.

Top Prospects: Use the "Top Prospects" tab to see a list of prospects expected to make their major league debuts within the next couple of years. Included on this page is the player name, team, date of birth and estimated time of arrival to the majors. Click the refresh button to download the latest prospects list.

Adding Players to Teams: You can add a player to a team in your league by double-clicking on a player and selecting 'Assign Player' or highlighting a player's name and selecting the "Draft/Edit Player" button and then "Assign Player". Double-clicking a player also gives you the option to move him to another team, adjust his position (if necessary) and place a bid on the player for auction formats.

You can view all of the team rosters on the right. Use the drop-down team menu to select a team. The default team listed will be the team that was selected as "my team" from the league setup view. To see the chronological order of picks for all teams, select the "running list" button.

Dropping Players from Teams: You can drop a player from a team by double-clicking a player listed on the "Team Rosters" view, and clicking the "Draft/Edit" player button. Selecting "Drop Player" returns the player to the list of available players.

Dollar Values (Auction Only): If you are in an auction league then dollar values will be shown on the main view of the "Players List" tab. These dollar values are calculated on a system that we've developed which uses the player's projection along with positional scarcity.

Inflation (Auction Only): Click on the 'Use Inflation' checkbox before clicking 'Update $' to rerun the dollar values in order to view inflation dollar values for your league. When you use inflation, the dollar values are calculated based on the total amount of money remaining in the auction and the total number of roster spots remaining. For example, if someone pays $10 for a player who should be $40 then the dollar values for the remaining players will increase. This is commonly used in keeper leagues, but you can check it out throughout your auction.

Trading Picks: Empty Picks can be traded by selecting a pick from the "Running List" and clicking "Trade Pick". Next, choose a team that will be receiving the pick and hit "Save". Also, you can click a draft pick and click "Set as Current Pick" so the next assigned player will default to that pick.

Depth Charts: This view shows the latest depth chart information from You can filter for specific positions by clicking on the position buttons.

Injured players will be shown in red.

You can add a player to a team in your league directly from the depth chart by clicking the player name and clicking "Draft/Edit Player." You can view a full depth chart for any MLB team by clicking on the team.

Standings: The standings tab is a leaderboard that shows the projected points for each team, including sortable totals for each category specified in your league settings. If your league type is set to auction, the standings will also display $ Left and Max Bid.


Keepers: You can enter keepers by navigating to the main menu at the top of the screen and select Keepers>Add/Edit Keepers. Search for a player to enter as a keeper, select his name from the "matching players" list, and assign the player to a team and position.

If you play in an auction league, you will also have the opportunity to enter a bid for said player. Click "Save Keeper" to assign the player. You can also drop a player as a keeper by clicking "Drop" by his name on the right side of the screen.