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2017-18 Basketball Special

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Introducing the RotoWire 2017-18 Basketball Special

Our 2017-18 Fantasy Basketball Special has so many tools, resources, and exclusive content that the only thing you need to worry about is finding enough time in your day to use them all.

Rankings, Cheat Sheets, Projections, Draft Software, Dollar Values & More

Custom Player Rankings w/Projections
Create customized rankings for your league complete with projected stats.

Relentlessly Updated Cheat Sheets
If you love the cheat sheet format, we've got you covered in every way.

Up-To-Date Depth Charts
We make sure our depth charts are fresh and accurate by updating them as news breaks.

Full NBA Stat Projections
Make better decisions on draft day with full projections for every player you care about.

FREE In-Draft Software
Track the results of your draft as it happens and make strategy adjustments on the fly.

Player Dollar Values for Auction Leagues
Get custom dollar values based on the points system of your league.

Ask An Expert, Email News Updates, Multi-Sport Access & Exclusive Content

Private Q&A with RotoWire Experts
Directly ask our experts questions about your team and you'll get a helpful answer.

Player News Updates via Email
Get news on the players on your team delivered directly to your inbox as it happens.

FREE Multi-Sport Access
Get news, analysis, and fantasy tools for the NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA and NASCAR too.

Exclusive Articles & Advice
Our award-winning staff pumps out tons of quality content just for RotoWire subscribers.

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Premium NBA Lineup Optimizer Access

If you play daily fantasy on sites like FanDuel or DraftKings, you need to check out our NBA Lineup Optimizer tool. It uses RotoWire projections to calculate the optimal lineup for each site with just one click. Our premium customization options and stats make it easy to put together a lineup you'll love.

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