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  • Why am I being asked to login?
    We require every league member to have a username. By doing this, we'll make it easier for you to navigate the league by not requiring you to remember several passwords or need to frequently login to the page to set your lineup and pick up free agents.

  • I already have a RotoWire username, why is it asking me to login?
    There are a few reasons why our site may be asking you to login to verify your account. If you are using a different computer than you normally use, your account credentials need to be verified. Other times you need to log in after you log off or your computer removes your RotoWire login information.

  • Where can I get a RotoWire username?
    You can sign up for a username by clicking here

  • How do I link my username to my team?
    Once you've registered for a RotoWire username and logged in, go to the 'League Login' page and enter the league name and league password. If you don't know these, please contact your commissioner to obtain this info. Once you login to your league, you'll be given a list of teams in the league. Choose your team. Next time you go back to the 'League Login' page your league will show up on the page and you'll be able to enter the league with just one click.

  • What if I'm in multiple leagues hosted by the RotoWire Baseball Comissioner?
    You'll need to link your username to a team in each league like above. Once you do the above steps for each league, all your leagues and teams will show up on the 'League Login' page. If you are logged into one RotoWire league and want to view one of your other RotoWire leagues, you can click "RotoWire Baseball" in the upper left-hand menu.

  • Do you have to be a paying news subscriber to use the baseball commissioner service?
    No, you don't need a subscription. You get news for your players as part of the service - but not the full service and features of a subscription to

  • Can I bookmark pages within the league?
    Once you are logged into the league and have associated your username with a team in the league, you can bookmark the league HQ page and your set lineup page as well. If you use the same computer and browser, you won't have to login again to use any feature.

  • Are there any requirements for using the RotoWire Baseball Commissioner?
    Since we require usernames, your league members will need to use a browser that allows cookies.

    If you're accessing RotoWire through AOL or Internet Explorer, make sure your PC is set up to enable cookies. Make sure you have the "cookies" enabled on your browser. You need to allow cookies to access our site. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can go to "Tools" at the top of the browser (next to File, Edit, View...) and then "Internet Options." In "Internet Options" you can click on the "Security" tab and lower your security options. That will enable our cookie to be set so you can use the site.

    You can delete the current cookies file on your PC if it's causing it to not work properly, which will reset everything back to normal. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer you would select "Tools" and then "Internet Options" from the top menu bar. This should bring up a panel that has a button on it which says "Delete Cookies". Press this button, shut down ALL instances of IE, and open it back up. If that doesn't work, tech savvy users might try deleting the actual cookies file from your computer.

    If you are a Mac user and you're using the Safari browser, make sure you download Netscape or another browser to go with your Safari program, as Safari is the only current browser not currently set up to support RotoWire (we're working on a solution to this).

    If you're really having problems with AOL or Explorer, you can try downloading Mozilla FireFox (which is free at and begin accessing any password required sites you use through there. This will work, because Firefox has a more user-friendly cookies setup.

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