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RotoWire NHL Commissioner 2003

Do you already have an established league and need an inexpensive service to compile your stats? Well look no futher. We'll update your league's stats on a daily basis. Each team gets their own web page and our system provides a host of online features - bulletin boards for each league, free-agent lists and more.

Just $69.99 per league! Signups are limited, so sign your league up early!

Why pay extra? Get the basics. Get it fast. Quick loading pages. RotoWire hockey commissioner!

Set up a league for free and try us out!
There is no risk to try out a league. Simply set one up and if you like what you see you can pay later. Give us a try!

RotoWire debuts its first hockey commissioner system after years of running one of the top services on the web ( We currently run baseball and football commissioner services. Among the features:

  • Daily standings, boxscores, team stats and more
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface (not too many distractions, just the basics)
  • Bulletin board for each league
  • Each owner can set their own lineup each week
  • RotoWire player info for your team
  • Keep track of player salaries, contract info and more

Create a league now - no risk!

Any questions? Email us at or call us at 888-201-3057 (We're in during West Coast business hours - and you may want to try at other times as well)