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Direct Email Advertising & Email Reports

RSI offers advertising to its entire 2 milllion member user database each week throughout the year. The RSI database is comprised of user lists from and The direct email advertising is presented as a special offer from the RSI we site and the sponsor. Either RSI or the sponsor can prepare an HTML email that RSI will then send to its user base. If RSI's user base increases to more than 350,000 users by the date of the email, the sponsor will have the option of purchasing additional circulation for their email message.

  • Direct Email Impressions: We offer direct email advertising to the RSI userbase. Rates are as follows:
    # of ImpressionsCPM
    50K to 100K$30
    120K to 200K$25
    220K to 300K$20
    Entire Database of 350K$15
    # of ImpressionsCPM
    500K to 1 mil$30
    1 mil to 1.5 mil$25
    1.5 mil to 1.9 mil$20
    2+ mil$15

  • Email Reports: We offer classified advertising in our email reports. The reports are a digest of the news on our web site and are actively read by our users. They elect to sign up for email delivery of the news. We send out nearly 300,000 email reports per week. All advertisements are five lines of text, 68 characters across wtih a sixth line of the site's URL.
  • # of weeksCost
    2 weeks$500.00
    1 month$800.00
    2 months+$1200.00

    We would be happy to put together a package of banner ads, email advertising and page sponsorships that will be very competitive to any other fantasy sports or male-targeted site.

    Please contact:

    Shannon McKeown
    Director of Ad Sales
    Roto Sports, Inc.
    Phone: (608) 310-4278 x115