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Syndicated Content can help provide your web site with the most updated sports content with our 24-hour updated player news, depth charts and gaming information. Here are the four offerings we have that can help your web site.

1. Sports Headlines

Do you want to add a page of 24-hour updated sports news to your site for no cost? can provide this page to your site as part of our RSS feeds. Just include the RSS feed in your blog or web site and include a link back to (which is imbedded in the RSS feed). If you require more advanced formatting of the feed or would prefer XML or another method, please contact

2. Syndicated Fantasy News and Sports Data

Does your company need fantasy sports news or injury data to augment your fantasy sports web site or fantasy sports game? RSI provides fantasy news, injury data, depth charts, rankings, draft kits and more from major media companies to small startups.

Here are some of the many data feeds we syndicate to clients:

  • Player Notes

    If your web site or fantasy games needs more robust fantasy sports news than just the top headlines available in the free RSS feeds, RSI can give you the web's top fantasy sports player news for inclusion in your product. RotoWire generates over 250 player notes per day during the MLB season and 250 per day for the NFL season. Our full player news feed gives you real-time alerts on in-game injuries, transactions and lineup changes. It also gives you access to a lot of meta data which you can utilize within your own database/site. This includes fields with alert you to the most important updates, which lets you know when an update is injury related and which shows the player's official injury designation.

    You can find an example of our full MLB player notes at

    We can also provide this in RSS format or whatever format your team needs. We can include any player IDs that you need .. including Stats, Inc. and other major stat providers.

    Example clients: utilizes for fantasy player news for all it's fantasy games. utilizes for fantasy basketball player news. utilizes for player news.

  • Depth Charts

    RSI updates depth charts for NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB in real time on a 24/7 basis. Here's an example of the depth charts on RotoWire:

    Delivery is preferred to be via XML and we can include any player IDs in the feed .. including STATS, Inc. and other major stat providers.

  • Injury feed

    RSI provides real-time injury listings for NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and College Football. We provide injury type (arm, foot, etc.), an estimated date of return, whether a player is on the official injury report and other injury-related data.

    Example clients: utilizes our NHL injuries for their hockey injury page.

    Yahoo! Sports - Utilizes our NFL injuries for their "Game Day Calls" for inactive and last-second injury information within their fantasy football game (the largest single fantasy sports game in the world).

  • Draft Kit

    RotoWire produces fantasy sports draft kits for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Golf, NASCAR, College Football, College Basketball and soccer. These draft kits can be produced as a .pdf and sold on a partner website or the draft kit data and stories can be exported for inclusion on a fantasy sports web site or within a fantasy sports game. Here's an example of a draft for MLB on

    Example clients:

    NASCAR.COM - RotoWire produces the fantasy draft kit which is sold on

    Yahoo! Sports - RotoWire creates and develops the fantasy sports draft kits for all of Yahoo's fantasy sports games.

  • Blogs/Articles

    RotoWire produces hundreds of blog entries and feature stories per week. These can be syndicated or custom developed for your web site or for inclusion in your fantasy game. If you'd like to boost your fantasy content with dedicated and timely fantasy columns, RSI can supply daily or periodic supply of feature stories, blogs and columnists.

    Example clients:

    Yahoo! Sports - RotoWire provides Yahoo! Sports multiple columns and stories each week to augment their fantasy sports content. - RotoWire provides multiple feature stories and blog entries per week to augment's fantasy area.

    4. White Label Mock Draft or Draft Room

    Do you have an online fantasy game or offline fantasy sports contest that needs online software to facilitate a draft or mock drafts? Through, RSI can offer a white label solution for draft rooms or mock drafts. Fantasy sites can access our draft room via API and have a white label solution. Our draft room will return team data with player IDs to easily import results into your software.

    Example clients:

    World Championship of Fantasy Football - Utilizes RSI for their online drafts.

    Athlon Sports - Utilizes RSI as the draft engine for their fantasy college football leagues.

    4. Custom Software Development

    RSI can also build fantasy games or contests to your specifications. Let us know your needs and we can build a plan to develop a software tool to bring your fantasy idea to life.