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FAQ - iOS App - Football Draft Kit 2012

Please check out our list of frequently asked questions below.
If you still have questions, please call us at (608) 310-4278 or email us
  • Can I assign drafted players to every team in the draft?
    The app does not provide the option to assign drafted players to each specific team; only to “My Team” or “Other Team”.
  • As soon as I load the app it crashes, how do I fix this?
    First, simply try uninstalling and downloading the app again. If that doesn’t work, the issue may be caused by a bug due to certain settings on your device. To work around the bug, open "Settings", tap "General", scroll down and tap "Date & Time" and set "24-Hour Time" to "On".
  • I just updated the data, why isn’t anything showing up?
    Please try updating the data again; the download may have been interrupted.
  • Why are no players showing up on the cheatsheets?
    Make sure that you are viewing the rankings under All or Available, and not Drafted or Watchlisted players. If that doesn’t help, make sure your Roster Settings are correct and your league has roster spots at that position. Finally, try updating the draft data. The last update might not have completed successfully.
  • Does the app require an internet connection to use during my draft?
    No, but it is recommended that you update your data as close to your draft day as possible to get the latest information.
  • Can I use the app for multiple drafts?
    Yes, do this by going to Settings, click 'Create New Draft' and you'll see another draft added to the Saved Drafts. From there, you can select which draft you want to make your current one, save the settings, and the cheat sheet will be updated.
  • Can I set my draft spot?
    No, the app doesn’t have a way to set your draft spot.
  • Why isn’t the app syncing with my drafts on the computer?
    The app does not sync with your other drafts, it’s completely independent of other drafts and software.
  • Can I link my drafts between my iPad and iPhone?
    No, Apple has restrictions on the amount of data that syncs. They deemed that our databases are too big to sync across devices.
  • What does logging in with my RotoWire account do?
    This allows for you to comment on the blogs and articles within the app.
  • Why are the rankings not in line with the points?
    The rankings are value-based rankings.
  • What are value-based rankings?
    These are rankings which factor in your league's roster settings, the scoring settings and the number of teams in a draft.
  • Do the rankings update each time a player is drafted?
  • How do I set my own rankings?
    Go to the "Sort" button at the top of the Cheatsheets. From there, tap on "Manual" and tap on "Edit Manual Rankings". Then you can tap on the 3 bars on the right side of a player cell and drag that player to where you would like them ranked. Once you're done editing the ranks, tap "Done".
  • Why is a player still ranked high even though he had a season ending injury?
    You may have turned on Manual Rankings, and updating the projections will no longer change the rankings of players automatically. To turn this off go to "Sort" and tap "Value". Another possibility is you may need to download the most recent data.
  • Can I sort by anything other than value-based rankings or custom rankings?
    No. In future versions we will likely have more sorting options.
  • How do I edit the settings to match my league’s settings?
    Go to Settings tap "Edit Current", and input your settings into the app.
  • My league gives different points to different positions for the same stat. For example if a RB catches a pass he gets 1 point, where a WR only gets half a point. Does your app have these types of settings?
  • The app doesn’t have all the scoring settings that my league uses, what should I do?
    The app tries to accommodate as many scoring styles as possible, but may not have everything. Input all of your scoring settings and the app will get you very close to the best rankings for your league. Manual ranking players afterwards can take into account your league’s extra settings.
  • After entering my league scoring criteria, there are some lower-tier players ranked very high that shouldn't be. Is the app working correctly?
    Check to make sure you entered your scoring criteria correctly. One small mistake can make a bid difference.
  • I set up the app for an auction and the dollar values don't seem to be right. What's going on?
    Predicting dollar values for every type of auction is difficult because each auction is unique. Overall, we recommend bidding small amounts on defenses and kickers. Use our values as a general guide, but you must factor in the bidding style of your opponents. We will be reworking our dollar value formula for next season.
  • My league uses IDPs, how do I view these in the rankings?
    Go to the settings of the Current Draft, then tap on Roster Settings and turn off Team DEF. Then add the number of IDPs allowed in your league to the Roster Setting.
  • How do I add both Defense and IDPs?
    Currently the app only allows one or the other. However, you could make a separate draft with Team defense rankings for use later on in the draft.
  • Whenever I try to add a WR/RB position it continues to add a WR/TE instead, how do I fix this?
    This issue was fixed through an update; please update your app to the latest version to fix this.
  • What types of draft styles does the app support?
    The app supports a large variety of drafts and auctions. You don't mark players as drafted to specific teams; it's either "My Team" or "Other Team".
  • How do I enter keepers?
    Before your draft you can mark off the keepers as "My Team" or "Other Team", and then you can take your app to the draft and keep track of the available players. The app does not update the rankings based on these keepers.
  • Can you mock draft?
    The app does not automatically run a mock draft. It is up to you to mark players as drafted.
  • Can I add my own notes on players within the app?
    You can mark a player as being on your watchlist, but there currently isn’t an option to type notes within the app. You can use Apple's Notes app and switch between the two.
  • Why are none of the Quarterbacks’ or Kickers’ names showing up, just Team QB or Team K?
    Go to the Roster Settings and turn off Team QB and Team K.
  • My team uses Team QB, K, etc. how do I turn this on?
    Go to the Roster Settings and turn Team QB, K, and DEF to On.
  • What do the headings for the columns in the app mean?
    RNK: Rank
    ADP: Average Draft Position (based-on data from Mock Draft Central)
    Points: Projected fantasy points based on the scoring settings
    Bye: The player's bye week
    PYD: Passing Yards
    PTD: Passing TDs
    PINT: Passing Interceptions
    RSY: Rush Yards
    RSTD: Rush TDs
    RCY: Receiving Yards
    RCTD: Receiving TDs
    Rec: Receptions
    FGM: Field Goals Made
    XPM: Extra Points Made
    INT: Interceptions Caught
    DTD: Defensive TDs
    SCK: Sacks made
    Tackles: Tackles made

Here are some screenshots that may help you out.