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Video Shorts: Panic Meter Blake Snell & Stephen Strasburg
Chris Liss thinks Strasburg's loss of velocity signals panic time. Liss and Alan Seslowsky are not worried about Blake Snell.
Video Shorts: Rules Changes in MLB: Robot Umpires, DH Restrictions , Defensive Shifts
Chris Liss and Alan Seslowsky discuss rule changes that MLB may be considering. They debate the benefits and unintended consequences on fantasy baseball.
Video Shorts: Sneaky Adds For Week 3
5 days ago
Jeff Erickson is shocked that Brandon Nimmo is not rostered in more leagues.
Video Shorts: SiriusXM Post-Free-Agency Draft Results
5 days ago
Jim Coventry believes that Dalvin Cook is locked in as the consensus RB2 for 2021.
Video Shorts: Should You Cut LeBron?
9 days ago
Is it time to cut an unhealthy LeBron James (ankle)? Who should you add for your fantasy playoff run? Nick Whalen offers his suggestions.
Video Shorts: QB Strategy, Veteran WR Values, First Round TE
12 days ago
Chris Liss advises drafting Patrick Mahomes in the top 36 picks. The days of "wait on QB," may be outdated.
Video Shorts: Early Draft Regrets & Thinking Ahead on Waivers
12 days ago
Chris Liss already regrets his ninth-round pick, Sixto Sanchez.
Video Shorts: The Art Of Trading
15 days ago
It would take a big-time offer to trade for Ronald Acuna in your fantasy league. Chris Liss explains the etiquette of trading.
Video Shorts: Three Bold Predictions
17 days ago
Clay Link boldly predicts Vladimir Guerrero can return first-round value in 2021.
Video Shorts: Last Minute Draft Advice
19 days ago
Pete Schoenke gives Alan Seslowsky his last-minute advice for your upcoming drafts, including a favorable review for Patrick Corbin.
Video Shorts:  Waiver Wire Strategy, Liss vs. Jeff
24 days ago
Alan Seslowsky pits Chris Liss versus Jeff Erickson to debate the most strategic approach for your free agent waiver wire moves.
Video Shorts: Five Players You Must Draft
24 days ago
Chris Liss tells Alan Seslowsky the FIVE players you must draft in 2021, including Gleyber Torres.
Video Shorts: What Is NBA Top Shot And Why Is It So Popular?
30 days ago
Alan interviews long-time RotoWire author and Top Shot connoisseur Kevin Payne about the crazy growth in NBA Top Shot.
Video Shorts:  Draft Strategy & Recency Bias
37 days ago
Via two quick hit videos, Jeff Erickson answers many of Alan Seslowsky draft strategy questions, plus explains how to avoid recency bias when selecting your team.