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Coffin Corner: The Perfect 2013 Draft
December 27, 2013
If you drafted Alshon Jeffery around his ninth round ADP in the NFFC, you won the round. Ray Flowers breaks down what might have been the perfect draft this year in his final RotoWire column.
Coffin Corner: Surging and Injured
December 11, 2013
Jerricho Cotchery has scored in five of the last six weeks, but Ray Flowers recommends not starting him this week.
Coffin Corner: A Look At Three QBs
December 5, 2013
Ryan Fitzpatrick's legs have made him a top-10 quarterback the last four weeks.
Coffin Corner: Playing Games
Coffin Corner: Playing Games
November 27, 2013
November 27, 2013
Ray Flowers loves Brian Hartline's steady performance level in PPR leagues.
Coffin Corner: Quarterbacks & One RB
November 21, 2013
Ray Flowers discusses Andrew Luck, Matt McGloin and a whole host of other quarterbacks this week.
Coffin Corner: What Do You See?
November 14, 2013
Matt Forte leads all RBs in fantasy points over the last four weeks. Ray Flowers takes a snapshot of each position over that timespan in this week's edition.
Coffin Corner: Three's a Charm
November 6, 2013
Riley Cooper was among the three-touchdown club members in Week 9. Ray Flowers shares his thoughts on Cooper and more in this week's themed version.
Coffin Corner: Consistency is Elusive
October 30, 2013
Not everyone can consistently bring it for his fantasy owners as Drew Brees can.
Coffin Corner: Weekly Performances
October 24, 2013
Ray Rice continues to be a disappointment this year. Ray Flowers puts Rice's numbers among many others this week for context.
Coffin Corner: Keepin' It Real
October 16, 2013
Ray Flowers believes that Cam Newton remains among the elite quarterbacks, among other notes this week.
Coffin Corner: Running Back Red Zone Stats
October 9, 2013
Ray Flowers crunches the red zone numbers for running backs and concludes that Ben Tate isn't worth being in the conversation so long as Arian Foster is healthy.
Coffin Corner: Who Likes Non-PPR?
October 4, 2013
Jamal Charles is pondering a life without PPR leagues, and he doesn't like it. Ray Flowers is right there with him.
Coffin Corner: Snap Counts
Coffin Corner: Snap Counts
September 25, 2013
September 25, 2013
You may be down on Michael Floyd's production so far, but his snap count percentage gives some cause for hope, according to Ray Flowers.
Coffin Corner: What Me, Worry?
Coffin Corner: What Me, Worry?
September 18, 2013
September 18, 2013
Ray Flowers talks about who he's worried about and who he's not worried about. Which list does Russell Wilson make?
Coffin Corner: Hold On To Your Shorts
September 11, 2013
Better times are ahead for Jacksonville's Cecil Shorts, according to Ray Flowers.
Coffin Corner: Flouting Conventional Wisdom
September 4, 2013
Ray Flowers' new football column for RotoWire debuts this week. In it he discusses Ahmad Bradshaw, Josh Gordon (pictured), Emmanuel Sanders and more.
Circling the Bases: Around the League
August 30, 2013
Yasiel Puig was benched for his defense on Wednesday. Ray Flowers talks about that and a number of other observations inspired from Wednesday's play.
Circling the Bases: Around the Horn
August 20, 2013
Yasiel Puig has cooled off considerably from his initial scalding rate. Ray Flowers discusses how to make that information actionable in this week's article.
Circling the Bases: Trend Analysis
August 13, 2013
Ray Flowers puts Mark Trumbo under the microscope. Do second-half splits matter?
Circling the Bases: Starting Pitcher Case Log
August 6, 2013
Stephen Strasburg is among the starting pitchers that goes under Ray Flowers' microscope this week.
Circling the Bases: Two Way Players
July 30, 2013
Ray Flowers fetes CarGo's 20-20 achievement and discusses others close to reaching that milestone this year, and talks about a few of the bigger names on the trade deadline rumor mill.
Circling the Bases: Potential Innings Limits
July 24, 2013
Matt Harvey is supposed to be limited to 220 innings this year. Ray Flowers believes he won't be allowed to go that high, and mentions other pitchers that might have an innings cap this season.
Circling the Bases: Better or Worse?
July 17, 2013
Guess who has outperformed Manny Machado this year? He makes Ray Flowers' list of players performing worse than you might think.
Circling the Bases: Come to Truth Day
July 9, 2013
Ray Flowers passes judgment on five players operating in a fashion opposite that we expected. He says to buy Starlin Castro now.
Circling the Bases: Don't Meddle With Medlen
July 3, 2013
Ray Flowers assauges the concerns of Kris Medlen's fantasy owners that are worried about Medlen moving to the bullpen once Brandon Beachy returns.
Circling the Bases: What's Wrong With Verlander?
June 25, 2013
Ray Flowers tackles Justin Verlander's disappointing season so far. Is it really all about the velocity?
Circling the Bases: Oh R.A. Dickey
June 11, 2013
Ray Flowers discusses R.A. Dickey's disappoing debut with the Jays and hits the bullpen circuit.
Circling the Bases: What's Wrong With ...?
June 4, 2013
What's wrong with Nolan Arenado, Kris Medlen and Rickie Weeks? Ray Flowers suggests the problem primarily lies with our expectations.
Circling the Bases: Four Struggling Braves
May 28, 2013
Can Dan Uggla turn it around? Ray Flowers discusses him and three of his other struggling teammates in Atlanta.
Circling the Bases: Curious Cases
May 21, 2013
Ray Flowers sends a skeptical tone about Patrick Corbin and Didi Gregorius in this week's version.