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Collette Calls: Does the Opener Strategy Work?
November 16th
Jason Collette analyzes 'The Opener' strategy and how it relates to the times-through-the-order penalty. Would it have benefited Robbie Ray?
Collette Calls: Breaking Down Joey Votto
October 11th
Jason Collette investigates Joey Votto, who had more than 600 plate appearances but hit a career-low 12 home runs. What's up with Votto?
Collette Calls: Breaking Down Tommy Pham
October 3rd
Jason Collette analyzes the resurgence of Tommy Pham, who revitalized his season after being traded to Tampa Bay.
Collette Calls: Breaking Down Dylan Bundy Again
September 26th
Jason Collette analyzes Dylan Bundy's disastrous season and what the future holds for the Baltimore pitcher.
Collette Calls: Breaking Down Christian Yelich
September 20th
Jason Collette analyzes the improbability of Christian Yelich hitting 30 home runs this season for the Brewers.
Collette Calls: Breaking Down Clay Buchholz
September 5th
Jason Collette analyzes whether Clay Buchholz's emergence is the result of specific changes or just a matter of good luck. What's the verdict?
Collette Calls: Breaking Down Khris Davis
August 29th
Jason Collette analyzes whether Khris Davis' is simply striking out less or if there's something more to what he is doing in 2018.
Collette Calls: Breaking Down German Marquez
August 17th
Jason Collette analyzes the turnaround of German Marquez and whether fantasy owners can actually trust a Rockies pitcher.
Collette Calls: Breaking Down Glasnow, Archer
August 10th
Jason Collette analyzes Tyler Glasnow and Chris Archer and what their new pitching coaches have done for their game since they were traded at the deadline.
Collette Calls: Trade Deadline Impacts
August 2nd
Jason Collette analyzes the deadline deals and has high expectations for Chris Archer, who should thrive now that he's out of the 'The Beast.'
Collette Calls: Whiffing on Carpenter
July 26th
Jason Collette missed hard on Matt Carpenter, but he's man enough to explain what happened and why he ignored the data.
Collette Calls: Second-Half Power
July 19th
Jason Collette analyzes which players are poised for a big second half in the power department. Is Nelson Cruz the best bet for 20 homers in the second half?
Collette Calls: Third Time is Bad Time
July 3rd
Jason Collette looks at some pitchers who struggle the third time through the lineup, including the Yankees' Masahiro Tanaka.
Collette Calls: Third Time Not the Charm for Weaver
June 27th
Jason Collette investigates Luke Weaver's struggles and finds that the problem might lie not with the pitcher, but with his manager.
Collette Calls: Uh Oh-tani
June 20th
Jason Collette delivers some grim news to Shohei Ohtani owners, even if the ace pitcher avoids Tommy John surgery. What's the future hold for the phenom?
Collette Calls: New Pitch Fact Check
June 13th
Jason Collette looks at which pitchers have followed up their spring training words with regular season actions on adding pitching. Has Trevor Bauer's tinkering with his slider paid off?
Collette Calls: Is Judge a Victim of Bad Umpiring?
May 31st
Jason Collette looks at whether Aaron Judge is getting shafted by umpires with called strikes this season. Is Judge a victim of framed strikes?
Collette Calls: Are Goldschmidt's Problems in his Head?
May 24th
Jason Collette analyzes the struggles of Paul Goldschmidt and what fantasy owners can expect the rest of the way. Is it possible the humidor is in his head?
Collette Calls: Breaking Down Marcell Ozuna
May 16th
Jason Collette digs to find out what's wrong with Marcell Ozuna and whether fantasy owners can expect a turnaround for the Cardinals outfielder.
Collette Calls: Taking Stock of Steals
May 8th
Jason Collette looks at the stolen-base leaderboard and finds some surprising names, and some names surprisingly missing, like Jose Altuve. When will he start running?
Collette Calls: This Too Shall Pass
April 25th
Jason Collette looks at the early season struggles of three players, including Colorado's Jon Gray, and whether fantasy owners should expect their troubles to fade or continue.
Collette Calls: Who Am I?
April 18th
Jason Collette plays another game of 'Who Am I?,' providing clues to the identities of various players. Can you guess the players?
Collette Calls: Early Season Oddities
April 11th
Jason Collette looks at some odd happenings in the early going, including Patrick Corbin's improved strikeout rate and whether that portends a breakout.
Collette Calls: Analyzing Pitcher Velocity
April 4th
Jason Collette compares pitchers' Opening Day velocites to last season. Who improved, who regressed? Should fantasy owners be concerned about Robbie Ray or make a play for the Arizona hurler?
Collette Calls: Tout Wars Recap
March 28th
Jason Collette reviews his recent Tour Wars draft. Where did he go right, where did he go wrong?
Collette Calls: AL West Bold Predictions
March 14th
Jason Collette turns to the AL West for more 2018 bold predictions. Can Seattle catcher Mike Zunino be trusted or his batting average posted to crater this season?
Baseball Draft Kit: Finding Value in the Scrapheap
March 14th
Jason Collette is intrigued by Rays left-hander Blake Snell as he looks for value late in drafts this spring.
Collette Calls: AL Central Bold Predictions
March 7th
Jason Collette looks at the AL Central for more 2018 bold predictions. Can Cleveland phenom Francisco Lindor go 30/30 this year?
Collette Calls: AL East Bold Predictions
February 28th
Jason Collette turns to the AL East for more 2018 predictions. Is Jonathan Schoop set to take a big step back this year? The answer to that and more here.
Collette Calls: NL West Bold Predictions
February 21st
Jason Collette turns to the NL West for more 2018 predictions. Is Logan Forsythe headed for a much bigger year than most assume? The answer to that and more here.