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Big 12 BCS Mess
Posted by schoenke (3220 days ago)
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How stupid is it that the Big 12 has the BCS ratings determine who plays in its championship game? Couldn't they resolve a 3-way tie by total point differential, or record among common opponents? College football can't even get a championship game correct, and that's pretty basic. Could you imagine if the NFL writers decided a tie for a division title?

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JesseLSiegel commented 3219 days ago
I believe the BCS ratings in this case are the 5th tiebreaker. Still, if I were a Texas fan, I'd be pissed. They beat Oklahoma, yet Oklahoma is ranked ahead of them.
herbilk commented 3219 days ago
Three way ties always cause the most problems. There will always be one team that's going to have a beef because they each beat one of the other two teams. Once you get to the fourth or fifth tiebreaker then nothing is going to seem fair.
schoenke (Blog Author) commented 3219 days ago
Still, I'd rather have it be graduation rate as Texas Tech jokingly suggested than put it in voters' hands.
thines commented 3218 days ago
I think its really funny that suggesting graduation rates being a form of tiebreaker is considered a joke.
schoenke (Blog Author) commented 3217 days ago
Here's a great blog post on how other conferences settle tiebrakers. There are plenty of other good options:
***Edited at 12/2/2008 7:36 PM PT***
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