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Championship Week - pregame decisions
Posted by MPStopa (3161 days ago)
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With weather and injury issues lingering, I am still undecided about a lot of lineup issues. I am sure many of you are, too. So let's blog it. I'm going to keep following the weather and injury updates and will try to respond to questions up until game time. Meanwhile, some thoughts:

1. Weather looks atrocious in CLE and NE. High sustained winds. Forget about playing any Browns or Bengals offensive players unless you are desperate. The wind is not AS high in NE, but all Pats and Cards deserve a slight downgrade as of right now.

2. I'm starting Dan Orlovsky over Philip Rivers at QB in the Staff League. I've written about Orlovsky everywhere I can think of this week. Don't be surprised to see 250-275 yards and multiple TDs. (I expect the Lions to play aggressively, go for lots of fourth downs, stuff like that.)

3. If Gore is out for SF, I'm starting DFoster over LT. Yes, I'm down on the SD offense in Tampa. Foster has better upside than LT if Gore is out; the Rams are bad.

4. Dalton posted about the Browns defense in his blog, and I agree, but what about the Bengals D? The weather in Cleveland looks awful (25 MPH winds), and I'm not sure the Bengals aren't better than the Browns. At least they won last week. I don't think I'm going to start Bengals over the Titans in the Staff League, but I just claimed them and will at least think about it.

5. I'm still deciding on 2 of Hixon, LEvans, Branch, and Henderson. I'm leaning towards Hixon and Evans, but weather in NY looks bad, Hixon is nicked a bit, and Branch and Henderson are both going against bad pass Ds, especially Henderson.

Anyway, feel free to post your questions, I will do what I can to share my thoughts (up until 1pm EST).

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Slingshots commented 3161 days ago
I have many teams w/issues. Any help would be great.
1.S. Morris or Portis
Cassel or Rogers
2. flex R. Grant Jacobs or B. Edwards
3. Schaub or Thigpen
L. Moore or K. Walter
Thanks for the help. 2 teams in championship game and the other for third.

NoWayOut commented 3161 days ago
Mark first off thanks for all your help this year. I've got one team left and need 2 RBs and a flex. My options are Slaton, Pierre Thomas, Westbrook, and Forte. It's down to Westbrook or Forte. I need to maximize points at RB since I'm stuck with Warner/Fitz/Jennings against my opponent's Brees/Wayne/Colston. Good luck to you today Mark and I can't wait for 09.
MPStopa (Blog Author) commented 3161 days ago
No problem, NoWayOut. It's been fun. I'd go Westbrook. I can't sit him against a mediocre/poor team given what he did the past few weeks. When it comes down to it, he's just a little more of a stud.
MPStopa (Blog Author) commented 3161 days ago
sling, I'd pair Morris and Cassel as long as the winds are under 20 MPH. I expect NE to score points in a must-win game against a bad defense that does not play well. If the winds are over 20, I'd still play Morris, but go Rodgers over Cassel. At flex, I like Jacobs. Must win for the Giants and they should rebound. If he is somehow inactive, you have Grant to fall back to. Tough choices in third matchup. I'd go Thigpen and Moore. Worried the Texans run a lot, I think Thigpen is more likely to throw all game. And gimme some of that detroit pass D.
MPStopa (Blog Author) commented 3161 days ago
weather looks worse in KC than I thought. Sling, I'd go Schaub.
hwd23 commented 3161 days ago
Where is Randy Moss's value right now? Does the weather knock him out of the top 10 and make Colston a better play? I know I have posted about this to death but it is for a lot of Money. As of now I have AJ and Moss starting with Colston on the bench. This is what the poll results who also. You still the man MP even if you and I see Owens value differently. Sure would value your feedback. I am over anylizing this I know but my decision is due soon.
Slingshots commented 3161 days ago
Thanks Mark. I made the changes
samerrow commented 3161 days ago
Last like Warner today or Schuab better?...1 point for completion - minus 1 for incompletion is big factor
hwd23 commented 3161 days ago
Orlovsky- Suffering From the Flu Bug. I just got over the flu. If he has it that would knock him down a whole lot in my book even if he is still starting.

hwd23 commented 3161 days ago
I am watching the storm in Boston on the weather channel now. Its ugly. Making me think of going Hill over Warner.
hwd23 commented 3161 days ago
Benching Moss and Warner for Hill and Colston. Might have just over analyzed myself out of money but had to make a call. had a lot of feedback from all you guys. Thanks. Except here of course. Wonder why?
hwd23 commented 3161 days ago
samerrow aren't you glad he was here to share his thoughts up until 1 pm Eastern time? Maybe it was a typo and he meant up until 11 am EST. Missed a 1 and hit the p instead of the a.
hwd23 commented 3161 days ago
Good call on Rivers/Orlovsky
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