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Worst GM Ever
Posted by schoenke (3159 days ago)
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The 0-16 Lions are the crowning achievement of former Lions GM Matt Millen. Sure he was fired a few games into the season, but this was his team and his coaching staff. He was a bad GM, but this makes him he worst ever. Is there anyone even close? How about Elgin Baylor? The Clippers were always bottom feeders, but he did have one final four appearance and really was just face man for the cheapness of owner Donald Sterling.

Here's one site's take - but the article loses credit early for anointing Charlie Casserly as a terrible GM for taking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush. Hum, that actually looks very good now

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jhermann commented 3159 days ago
Schoenke, Yes, Millen does deserve that dubious distinction. But, the St. Louis Rams have had two poor managers that rival the Lions. And, if you aggregate the last two seasons, the Rams have lost more games than the Lions. These two managers, Zygmunt and Shaw, are emblematic of how poor management skills can ruin a team. Given the draft system in the NFL coupled with the salary cap, a team should be able to make the playoffs at least once every five years. If not, the problem is much more systemic, and the management is usually the culprit. To be a Lions, Rams, Browns, Bengals, or Raiders fan (I am sure I am forgetting a few teams) is akin to entering a world of pain... And, another way of examining the issue is this: How do certain teams turn it around, while others remain in a sorry state? All you have to do is compare the Lions and Rams to the Falcons and Dolphins to provide an answer. It comes down to management and coaching.
***Edited at 12/29/2008 9:37 AM PT***
vtadave commented 3159 days ago
Agreed jhermann, though I'd take the Rams' recent management over Millen any day, though obviously neither is preferable.

Really though, this article was awful. Shoe mentions the Super Mario / Bush item, but the author completely misses the point on Kevin Malone. Yes, he is rightfully on the list, but making no mention of his disasterous tenure in LA (the Brown and Dreifort signings hamstrung the team for YEARS) is odd. Instead he takes Malone to task for dealing Expos players he was forced to deal?
herbilk commented 3159 days ago
While not the worst GM ever, Sal Bando will always be the worst for me.
jhermann commented 3159 days ago
vtadave, What are your thoughts on Haslett as the coach next year? On the one hand, the players seem to support the rehire of Haslett, and he has a clear understanding of who is worth keeping among the players. On the other hand, there were some bad coaching calls during the last ten games. I know this question digresses from the initial blog, but I am interested in your view. I have mixed feelings on the issue.
vtadave commented 3159 days ago
There are a lot worse options than Haslett, but I certainly wouldn't hand him the job without exploring who else may be available. Parcells and Cowher aren't likely to wind up in St. Louis, so it may be that he's the best available. Wouldn't give him more than a three-year deal though.

Yeah mixed feelings here as well, though I think the GM decision is far more crucial than who ends up s the next HC.
Erickson commented 3158 days ago
Mike Brown FTW!
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