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Darin Brown

Darin Brown

Darin has been a RotoWire contributor since the early 1998 "RotoNews" days. He is a diehard Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars fan who spent his college days working for the Rangers as a clubhouse attendant making little money but having a blast.

Fantasy sports articles written by Darin Brown

Indians Team Preview: Rolling Tribe Gathers Moss

The Indians weren't very busy this offseason, but their big trade was to acquire Brandon Moss from the A's. Darin Brown previews their chances for 2015.

2014-2015 Kings Preview: Ratings Up for 'That '70s Line'

Veteran center Jeff Carter created magic with youngsters Tanner Pearson and Tyler Toffoli in the playoffs as the Kings netted their second Stanley Cup in three seasons. Can the trio carry over those successes to the regular season?

2014 Indians Team Preview: Contender Or Fluke?

The Indians made a brilliant return to the playoffs under Terry Francona in 2013. After a relatively quiet offseason, will they be able to put it together again in 2014?

2013 Kings Preview: Quick Fix

The Kings are hoping that their decision to lean on Jonathan Quick and trade away Jonathan Bernier this summer will ultimately provide an answer for a second-line scorer.

Indians' Team Preview: Major Changes

The Indians lost a number of their mainstays, but held on to Asdrubal Cabrera.

2012 Kings Preview: Kings Prepared To Defend Their Stanley Cup Crown

MLB Projected Starters: Max Out Scherzer

Max Scherzer looks to be an ideal option to start this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Return of the Johan

Johan Santana comes back from the DL this week.

MLB Projected Starters: A Return of Two Aces

Roy Halladay comes back from the DL this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Bank on Cashner

Andrew Cashner gets two starts this week, following a good initial outing against the Astros. Do you trust him?

MLB Projected Starters: Roll the Dice-K

Daisuke Matsuzaka has two starts this week. Are you daring enough to start him?

MLB Projected Starters: Multiple Jumbled Rotations

Pitchers like Jered Weaver coming back from injuries and an off-day for every single team have jumbled up the projected starters for this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Ex-Presidents Two Starts Week

Kennedy, Jackson, Johnson and Lincoln all with two starts this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Good Time For a Homer Call?

Homer Bailey has two home starts this week against the Pirates and Tigers.

MLB Projected Starters: Tough Week For the Tigers

The Tigers face the Red Sox and Yankees this week.

MLB Projected Starters: This Bud's For Two

The Astros' Bud Norris has two starts this upcoming week.

MLB Projected Starters: Injuries In Action

Injuries to Dan Hudson, Cliff Lee and Ryan Dempster among other have shaken up a number of rotations this week.

2012 Blue Jays Preview: Blue Jays 2012: A Contender in Toronto?

2012 Indians Preview: Indians 2012: Threat to Detroit in AL Central?

2011 LA Kings Team Preview: Kings Recovering From a Disappointing Year

The Kings hope Mike Richards and Simon Gagne can fire up their offense.

2011 Indians Preview: Another Rebuilding Year

The Cleveland Indians are excited to have a full season from Carlos Santana, but overall this will be another rebuilding season for the franchise.

MLB Team Previews: 2011 Blue Jays Preview

What will Jose Bautista do for an encore?

2010-11 Los Angeles Kings Preview: 2010-11 Los Angeles Kings Preview