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Darin Brown

Darin Brown writes about fantasy sports for RotoWire.

Fantasy sports articles written by Darin Brown

2014 Indians Team Preview: Contender Or Fluke?

The Indians made a brilliant return to the playoffs under Terry Francona in 2013. After a relatively quiet offseason, will they be able to put it together again in 2014?

2013 Kings Preview: Quick Fix

The Kings are hoping that their decision to lean on Jonathan Quick and trade away Jonathan Bernier this summer will ultimately provide an answer for a second-line scorer.

Indians' Team Preview: Major Changes

The Indians lost a number of their mainstays, but held on to Asdrubal Cabrera.

2012 Kings Preview: Kings Prepared To Defend Their Stanley Cup Crown

MLB Projected Starters: Max Out Scherzer

Max Scherzer looks to be an ideal option to start this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Return of the Johan

Johan Santana comes back from the DL this week.

MLB Projected Starters: A Return of Two Aces

Roy Halladay comes back from the DL this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Bank on Cashner

Andrew Cashner gets two starts this week, following a good initial outing against the Astros. Do you trust him?

MLB Projected Starters: Roll the Dice-K

Daisuke Matsuzaka has two starts this week. Are you daring enough to start him?

MLB Projected Starters: Multiple Jumbled Rotations

Pitchers like Jered Weaver coming back from injuries and an off-day for every single team have jumbled up the projected starters for this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Ex-Presidents Two Starts Week

Kennedy, Jackson, Johnson and Lincoln all with two starts this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Good Time For a Homer Call?

Homer Bailey has two home starts this week against the Pirates and Tigers.

MLB Projected Starters: Tough Week For the Tigers

The Tigers face the Red Sox and Yankees this week.

MLB Projected Starters: This Bud's For Two

The Astros' Bud Norris has two starts this upcoming week.

MLB Projected Starters: Injuries In Action

Injuries to Dan Hudson, Cliff Lee and Ryan Dempster among other have shaken up a number of rotations this week.

2012 Blue Jays Preview: Blue Jays 2012: A Contender in Toronto?

2012 Indians Preview: Indians 2012: Threat to Detroit in AL Central?

2011 LA Kings Team Preview: Kings Recovering From a Disappointing Year

The Kings hope Mike Richards and Simon Gagne can fire up their offense.

2011 Indians Preview: Another Rebuilding Year

The Cleveland Indians are excited to have a full season from Carlos Santana, but overall this will be another rebuilding season for the franchise.

MLB Team Previews: 2011 Blue Jays Preview

What will Jose Bautista do for an encore?

2010-11 Los Angeles Kings Preview: 2010-11 Los Angeles Kings Preview