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Arenas to youth: Live a life away from violence
Posted by sporting2010 (2756 days ago)
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National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Gilbert "Agent Zero" Arenas revealed he will do his best to rebuilt his relationship with the youth sector in Washington, DC after his suspension from the premier basketball league in the planet after he brought guns inside the locker room of theWashington Wizards.
Arenas in a recent article he wrote to the Washington Post apologized to all his fans especially the youth for not being a role model he is supposed to be with his crime of gun possession.
The top point-guard of the Wizards also called on the youth not to follow his crime instead live a life away from the violence.
He explained he did not anymore contest the decision of NBA commissioner David Stern to suspend him for the rest of the season since he knew what he did was a big mistake.
The NBA superstar hoped that the youth will understand the seriousness of his crime and not commit the same mistake that he did.
Arenas said now that his suspension is in full-swing he would spend some of his time to talk to the youth in the DC sector for them to stay away from violence and the use of guns.
Agent Zero also took time to apologize to the late owner of the Wizards Abe Pollin for his actions and vowed not to repeat the same crime again.
Pollin who died last year, was an advocate of non-violence when he was still alive.
To keep the people of Washington especially the youth sector away from violence, Pollin even decided to change the name of the franchise from the Bullets to the Wizards in 1997.
The NBA superstar said to keep the legacy of Pollin alive and the young generation of Washington free from violence he will do his best to become a role model for all.
Arenas said he is deeply sorry for what he did and exert effort to help in educating the youth on the bad effects of violence in their lives.
Wizards coach Flip Saunders is very happy with the decision of Arenas to spend more time with the youth to teach them about the ill effects of gun possession.
Saunders said the whole Wizards are behind Arenas and hoped that he will still be part of the team once his suspension ends.
The NBA season is getting more exciting and thrilling now that the teams are pushing hard to gain a seat to the playoffs.

***Blog was Edited on 2/3/2010 9:51 PM PT***

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