MLB Betting Sites 2023: Top Online Sportsbooks For Baseball

Last Updated: May 30, 2023
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Elevate your sports betting experience by joining the best MLB betting sites to cash in big throughout the extensive MLB season. Discover a collection of top-notch MLB sportsbooks that provide a wide variety of cutting-edge features for you to cash in on today. Immerse yourself in the excitement of live in-game betting markets and explore the possibilities of same-game parlay building. Use the MLB betting sites listed on this page to access all the resources necessary for your Major League Baseball betting endeavors, conveniently located in one spot to help you pick the best MLB betting sites for you.

Uncover the most important information about the best baseball betting sites when you read through this guide, delving into the nuances of baseball betting, such as various bet types, strategies for betting on MLB games, and competitive MLB odds. By placing your MLB bets on these user-friendly MLB betting sites, you gain access to some of the top sports betting platforms available in the United States. Use the links on this page to register for a new account today and secure thousands in exclusive MLB betting promos in one fell swoop so you can bet and win today. 

Top 5 MLB Betting Sites For Baseball Fans To Bet On MLB Games

  1. BetMGM – Exceptional variety of MLB markets, competitive futures odds, and dynamic in-play betting for an immersive experience.
  2. Caesars – Access live MLB streaming, insightful expert analysis, and attractive odds for a seamless baseball betting journey.
  3. Bet365 – Outstanding parlay betting choices, exclusive offers, and an intuitive platform for baseball bettors.
  4. DraftKings – Comprehensive pre-game and live MLB betting markets, swift payouts, and dedicated customer support.
  5. FanDuel – Extensive futures markets and unique wagering options catered to the needs of baseball bettors.

Discover the excitement of MLB betting with these top Major League Baseball betting sites, each featuring distinct advantages and customized promotions tailored to baseball fans' preferences.

To learn the ins and outs of the best MLB betting sites, read through this guide to decide which is the right baseball betting site for your needs as a bettor.

Introduction To Online Baseball Betting

MLB betting sites are a top choice for bettors since sports betting became legal in the United States. With so many different sports betting markets to place wagers on at baseball betting sites, you have lots of ways to partake in online baseball betting.

From moneylines and totals to run lines, MLB player props, and World Series odds, the number of different sports betting markets you can choose from on the best MLB betting sites is nearly unlimited. Baseball is often labeled as "America's Game," and MLB sports betting is only furthering that claim.

Making sure that you find a trustworthy baseball betting site from the top sports betting choices featured on this page is a great place to start. We hope to help you find the perfect Major League Baseball betting site for you and will provide info on the top MLB betting sites, along with their welcome offers, below.

Best MLB Betting Sites Ranked For 2023

Step up to the plate and prepare to hit a grand slam with our comprehensive guide to the top MLB betting sites. Whether you're an experienced sports bettor or new to the game, our handpicked selection of heavy hitters offers a diverse range of welcome offers, odds boosts, and user-friendly interfaces. With a lineup this strong, you're sure to find the perfect MLB betting experience tailored to your preferences. To find out the best MLB betting sites available in 2023, scroll down to learn more.

Caesars Sportsbook: The Heavy Hitters Of MLB Betting Sites

Caesars Sportsbook sure does pack a punch with its first bet on Caesars MLB welcome offer. The Caesars Sportsbook promo code ROTOFULL gives you a $1,250 first bet that can be used on available MLB betting market. If your first MLB bet loses, you'll be reimbursed in the form of bonus bets, matching your initial wager, up to $1,250.

If you're looking for great MLB odds boosts, special MLB betting promos, and the largest sports betting welcome bonus of all the top MLB betting sites, then Caesars Sportsbook is where you want to be.

BetMGM: Scoring Big With Bonuses And Baseball Betting

The BetMGM bonus code ROTOBONUS provides a $1,000 first bet offer for new MLB bettors. After you sign up, place an MLB bet of up to $1,000, and if it loses, you'll get bonus bets back matching that wager.

This baseball betting site has plenty of sports betting options to take advantage of, including a great list of MLB futures odds, along with a great user interface. BetMGM is a top MLB sportsbook option, especially when it comes to betting on MLB games with one game parlays.

DraftKings Sportsbook: A Home Run For Baseball Betting Offers

DraftKings Sportsbook is a top baseball betting site that has a unique first bet welcome offer. All you have to do is place a $5 first bet, and you get $200 in bonus bets. You grab six $25 bonus bet credits from the DraftKings promo code offer regardless of the result of your first wager.

Many MLB bettors have great brand recognition, either coming from the days when DraftKings was simply known for DFS, or, more recently, from its many memorable TV commercials. Overall, DraftKings Sportsbook is a great baseball betting site with more sports betting markets than most rival sportsbooks.

FanDuel Sportsbook: A Grand Slam For MLB Live Wagering

FanDuel Sportsbook is clearly one of the best MLB betting sites on the market today. With a generous $1,000 No Sweat First Bet welcome offer for all new users, signing up with the FanDuel promo code link below is a top choice for MLB bettors.

FanDuel Sportsbook has some of the best MLB lines and odds, so it's no wonder it consistently ranks among the best sports betting sites, for MLB betting and otherwise.

WynnBET: Pitch-Perfect MLB Odds

WynnBET is certainly another MLB betting site that's worth signing up for. Use the WynnBET promo code XRTOTOWIRE to get $100 in bonus bets today. Depending on the state you are located in will affect the amount you need to deposit and bet before collecting the bonus funds. In Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee, you'll need to bet $20, but in Colorado, Michigan, and New Jersey, it's $100.

The user interface at WynnBET is clean as the sportsbook provides a very straightforward MLB betting experience. WynnBET also has competitive odds for Major League Baseball games, including MLB game and player props.

In addition to the top MLB betting sites featured above, there are plenty of others that you should consider testing out for MLB bets.

Bet365 is a long-standing sports betting option with some of the best MLB odds in the industry.

BetRivers is one of the newer sports betting sites on the market with a top rewards program and lots of MLB markets to choose from.

Unibet and SuperBook are two other MLB sportsbooks worth having, especially if you're looking for a simple, seamless betting experience.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Baseball Betting Site

There are many factors to consider when choosing a baseball betting site. As an MLB bettor, you should find a site that keeps your info safe, has the payment options you like to use, and the sports betting features you're looking for.

Below, you will find a rundown of these factors to help you choose the best baseball setting site for your needs.

Ensuring Safety And Compliance

Ensuring safety and compliance on the top MLB betting sites is something you should never have to worry about. For one, all legal sports betting sites have the proper licensing from local gaming authorities. Additionally, each of these baseball betting websites have extensive security protocols that are unmatched in the sports betting industry. You can guarantee that your money will be safe with these sportsbook operators.

Payment Methods And Withdrawal Options

Having reliable payment methods on MLB betting sites is a crucial element to consider when choosing which route to go. All of the best baseball betting sites offer reliable ways to transfer your funds, including online banking, debit/credit card options, PayPal, and Venmo.

User Experience And Features

A great user experience and top-end features are important to gauge when you're looking for the best baseball betting site. Traditionally, a good user experience coincides with a clean site interface, a simple betting process, and lots of bonuses. All in all, MLB bettors want the smoothest betting experience possible, and all of the MLB betting sites featured here provide just that.

Types Of Baseball Betting Bonuses And Promotions

The best baseball betting sites feature all types of baseball betting bonuses and promotions.

These are the most common types of baseball betting bonuses and promotions available at the best MLB betting sites. Sign up to use them today.

Sign-Up Offer And Welcome Bonus

When you register for one of the best MLB betting sites, you will receive a sign-up offer that comes with a welcome bonus. This gives new users bonus funds to play with as they get started at the top MLB betting sites. These sign-up offers are most often first bet offers and bet-and-get deals.

MLB Bonus Bets

Bonus bets are offered to customers when they first sign up for a new sportsbook to make MLB bets. They are also available on a recurring basis for existing customers, most commonly as part of bet-and-get MLB betting offers.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus can also be referred to as a deposit match or deposit bonus. This gives users a bonus attached to deposits made on an existing account, to reload your account balance. Reload bonuses are often 50% or 100% deposit match offers.

Parlay Boosts

PaParlay boosts change the odds on a parlay bet as determined by the traders at the best baseball betting sites. When you receive one, the original odds for a parlay will often double, triple, or sometimes even quadruple to potentially increase your winnings on a single parlay bet.

Cashback Offers

Cashback offers give users a percentage of their money back on losses. This is done from time to time as a "thank you" for being a repeat user on the best MLB betting sites.

How To Bet On Baseball And Win During The 2023 MLB Season

There are plenty of factors that can help make your MLB wagering decisions easier. Once you know what to look for, it will become second nature and you won't hesitate when placing MLB bets.

Read the below to get a better understanding of how to bet on baseball and win during the 2023 MLB season.

Batting First: Baseball Betting Basics

When it comes to betting on the best baseball betting sites, there are a number of different bet types to consider.

The most basic one is a moneyline wager, which is picking the outright winner of an MLB game. Typically, the favorite will have odds ranging from -120 to -300. The underdog could sit anywhere from +100 to +300 on any given MLB slate.

For a moneyline wager on a -130 favorite, you'll need to place a $130 bet to win $100. If you choose to bet on an underdog with +130 odds, a $100 winning bet would net you $130 in winnings.

Run line bets are another basic baseball bet. To win a run line bet, the favorite must win by two runs or more while the underdog needs to lose by less than two runs or win the MLB game. Run lines are lined as -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog. Odds range depending on how large of a moneyline favorite the favored team is.

Considering there are a lot of MLB games that finish with a winning margin of one run, run line bets are harder to hit than moneyline wagers.

Over/under bets are third baseball bet that you will find available for all MLB games. You are predicting whether the total runs scored by both MLB teams will go over or under the set run total. Over/under totals have -110 odds on both sides.

For example, if a game has an over/under total of 8.5 runs, then nine or more runs scored would need to be scored to cash an over bet. If eight runs of less are scored, then an under bet would hit.

The Data Pitch: Utilizing Statistics And Data

It's important to do analysis and research before placing MLB bets. After all, there are more stats available for Major League Baseball than any other sport.

One of the most common indicators of performance is lefty vs. righty splits for both batters and pitchers. A right-handed batter will typically have better statistics when facing a left-handed pitcher, as will a left-handed batter facing a right-handed pitcher. On the flip side, a right-handed pitcher will typically have a better ERA and strikeout numbers against a right-handed batter, and the same goes for lefty vs. lefty splits.

Recent performance is another stat that can have a big affect on your MLB bets, considering baseball players are very streaky. It's common to see a player go on a hitting streak or to have a cold streak where they go hitless for a few games in a row.

Injuries play a big part in MLB betting as does the weather, especially when betting on totals. Before placing your wager on the best baseball betting sites, be sure to check the temperature and which way the wind is blowing in the ballpark.

If it's cold outside, the ball usually doesn't travel as far as when the temperature is high in the 80s or 90s. Also, if you see the wind blowing out at 10-plus mph to the outfield wall, that increases the likelihood of home runs.

Moneyball: Money Management In Baseball Betting

The importance of money management in baseball betting is monumental, considering there are 162 games in an MLB regular season, plus the playoffs.

It's smart to track of your MLB bets, so you can see what works and what doesn't for you over the course of a long season. You may find a particular MLB betting trend that works in your favor, or you might find that you do better on certain bets types over others.

Whatever the case may be, it's best to find what your strength is when betting on the best MLB betting sites and stick to those as much as possible.

Playing The Field: Identifying Good Value Bets

When using the best baseball betting sites, you will find that there are different odds on each MLB betting site. It's important to note that the odds may not look that different, but a small difference can be advantageous over time.

If you're a $100 bettor, the difference between odds of -110 and -120 is only $10. However, if you're a $1,000 player, the difference in those odds is $100. In any event, you always want to shop around for the best odds in order to get the most out of your MLB wagers.

If you are betting on the total, shopping for the best odds is even more vital. Some baseball betting sites may have a run total of 8, while others have a line of 7.5. If you are betting the under, in this instance, you'd much rather have the 8-run total because you have the opportunity to push (or tie) on that bet, if eight runs are scored, whereas the 7.5-run total doesn't have the possibility of pushing.

Extra Innings: Creating A Long-Term Betting Strategy

The 162-game MLB regular season by far has the most games of any professional sports season. Because of that, creating a long-term betting strategy on the best baseball betting sites is very important.

Know that you don't have to wager on a game simply because it's happening. So many people get lured in by betting on random Wednesday or Thursday afternoon MLB game because it's just another betting opportunity. If you do bet on an MLB game, player prop, or future, make sure you have a strong conviction about it.

Grand Slam: Exploring Various Bet Types

In addition to the basic MLB bet types we discussed earlier, there are some others that can really elevate your bankroll and potentially make you a huge profit.

Parlays are a common MLB bet type, combining two or more bets into a single betslip. You can combine multiple MLB game bets into a single parlay or place multiple wagers from a single bet into a same game parlay.

MLB prop betting gives you the chance to bet on the individual performance of a player in a game. MLB player props include over/under hits or total bases in a game and if a player will hit a home run.

Another MLB bet type that people love to wager on is futures. This is a bet on the long-term outcome of a player or team.

The most common type of futures bets are on World Series odds. In order to get the best odds, you'll want to pick the World Series winner before the season starts. If a team has +1000 odds to win the championship, you'll make a $1,000 profit on a $100 wager.

You can also place futures bets on individual player awards, including AL MVP odds, NL MVP odds, AL Cy Young odds, and NL Cy Young odds.

Futures bets have the longest odds since they are the hardest to win. You might wonder why this is the case, and it's because only one team or person can win a futures bet. Sometimes MLB bettors will wager on multiple teams to give themselves a better chance to win, but just know that a few of those wagers are born losers since only one team can ultimately win.

Hit A Home Run With The Top MLB Betting Sites Today

Choosing a reliable baseball betting site is important and the best MLB betting sites are all great options. When you're wagering on one of the top MLB betting sites, you'll get access to all sorts of MLB bet types and the most lucrative MLB welcome offers. These sportsbooks all have long-standing reputations when it comes to reliability and a top-notch user experience.

The top MLB betting sites for baseball fans include BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, Bet365, DraftKings Sportsbook, and FanDuel Sportsbook. At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide which of these baseball betting sites is best for you. Sign up for any and all of these top MLB sportsbook sites to start baseball betting online today.

By clicking on the links below, you'll be introduced to some of the best MLB betting sites available.

MLB Betting Sites FAQs

Can I bet on baseball online?


Yes, you can bet on baseball online. Baseball betting online gives you plenty of MLB sports betting options at the top MLB betting sites. You can find a list of these baseball betting sites by reading this MLB betting sites review.

What is the best MLB betting site?


The best MLB betting site depends on what you're looking for from your MLB betting experience. Caesars Sportsbook is a top MLB online betting site that provides new users with a $1,250 first bet on Caesars, along with 1,000 Reward Credits and 1,000 Tier Credits when you sign up today. Caesars Sportsbook is a great sportsbook to place MLB bets on due to its wide array of sports betting options, like MLB player props and MLB futures.

Can you bet on MLB on DraftKings?


Yes, you can bet on MLB on DraftKings. As a premier baseball betting site, DraftKings offers a variety of wagering options and a great welcome offer where you can get $200 in bonus bets when you bet $5 on MLB. 

What is the best MLB stats website for betting?


The best MLB stats website for betting is RotoWire. As an industry leader for decades, RotoWire has every baseball betting stat category you can imagine. Use the stats at RotoWire to help you bet on popular MLB markets like World Series odds.

Can you bet on Minor League Baseball?


Yes, you can bet on Minor League Baseball. However, it is rare for sports gambling websites to have an extensive array of odds and lines on Minor League Baseball. The best MLB betting sites also provide alternative baseball betting markets like KBO betting and College World Series odds. Those odds are offered during key times of the year on most of the top baseball betting sites.

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