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Here are some recent baseball questions our experts have received, along with their responses:
16 teams. ROTO. (RBI SB RUN OBP TB) (ERA WHIP WIN SO SVH). Is Taylor Rogers the closer in SD or Suarez? Thanks
I expect Rogers to get most of the saves in San Diego this season, although it will likely be a mix between the two for the most part regarding opportunities. -Dave Hunter
Hello! Private. 10 Team NL Only, $280 budget, 40 man. Have $50 extra cash + $280. Keep 15 & farm 5-$0 . Was offered Gallen $1 2020 only, Dustin May $0 Farm & $20 Draft Cash for Carlson $0 Farm & Hoskins $13 2020 only. Holds = Hoskins-$13, Mejia-$2, Alonso-$2, Albies-$10, Brian Anderson-$5.50, Tatis-$2, McMahon-$2, Kingery-$2, Bellinger-$18, Senzel-$2, Soto-$18, Woodruff-$4, LCastillo-$12, Lamet-$1, Yates-$10 & 5 Farm = Carlson-$0, Waters-$0, Hilliard-$0, Oliva-$0 & Lewin Diaz-$0. Please Help :-) Thanks!
Hoskins is a bunch of bat to give up and I'm not crazy about you losing him for this season. Getting Gallen and May though would be very nice. You do need the pitching, and your offense is pretty good. I think I'd make this trade to get May and Gallen, although I'm not happy about the loss of Hoskins. -Dave Hunter
Hi, I'm in a 14 team h2h roto keeper league. Can keep 8 guys. What are your general thoughts on keeping generally unproven, cheap players vs a Freddie Freeman for $43? I currently have Hiura $3, Tatis $7, Vlad and Eloy $10/ea, Alvarez $3, Lux $3, K Marte $1, Riley $3, L Castillo $16, Weaver $6 and Glasnow $10. Would you package a few guys for Freeman so I'd have some certainty going into next season? Due to keepers, inflation is usually 25-35% for position players.
I have mixed thoughts. I like have a keeper I can count on. But, I also know that you win leagues by finding value -- having keepers who earn more than they cost to keep. At the same time, you are need your keepers to produce, having 8 $3 keepers is nice but if one earns $18 and the rest earn $1 it did you almost no good. I think given your options you should trade for Freeman so you have one guy you can count on and surround him with guys like Jimenez, Vlad -- etc -- who have the potential for huge seasons. Shawn (CDub)
5x5 No Trades (OBP SB RBI R HR) (W Saves+Holds K ERA WHIP). FAAB $401. Waiver wire help for speed & saves + holds. Gordon went on the DL and my bullpen consists of just Parker & Giles. Here is best available for categories I need: SB: Deshields Kiemaier Tilson Biggio Peraza Best H: Smoak K Cron JD Davis Saves+Holds: Stammen LeClerc Oberg A Morgan S Kelley Best P: Chacin Players I could drop: F Pena Duffy Happ Mahle Turnbull Thoughts? How much % of FAAB would you spend & who to drop? Thanks! Brad
I would prioritize Oberg and Biggio, dropping Pena and Duffy. Keep an eye on Leclerc too as he’s pitching much better. I’d spend 5-7 percent on Oberg and 8-10 percent on Biggio. — Ryan Rufe
Standard 5×5 roto with Wins, ERA, K, Saves and Whip. Please rank for the rest of the season: Mike Soroka, Brad Peacock, Rich Hill, Jose Quintana and Zack Eflin. Thank you,
Hill Eflin Soroka Peacock Quintana Shawn
Hi, are you at the point where youd drop Miguel Cabrera to pick up Brian Goodwin? AL only 6x6 h2h roto league. I can slide Carlos Santana over to 1B. Also, is what Urshela is doing at all sustainable?
I would hold onto Miggy in AL only format. Funny enough, I was just thinking about Urshela and whether this could be sustained. I think with the regular opportunity he’s getting, he could hit .265 - .275 with 12-15 HR. I do not expect Urshela to hit over .300, but he could be serviceable for the next few weeks/months as long as the Yankees stars remain out of the lineup. — Ryan Rufe
im buying into an active AL only keepers leagues so i get to pick 4 expiring players contracts i chose Verlander for 18$, betts for 20$, roberto osuna for 10$ and mazara for 2$. its an 11 man league every other team gets to keep 8 players on there team so i was wondering the best strategy for the upcoming draft? i was very interested in drafting Bo Bichette for future years in the league he needs to play 1 game in the majors to be able to keep his contract for next year. do you think Bichette plays at least 1 game in the majors this year?
First off, kudos on your 4 keepers! With those players, you should definitely enter your auction with the intent to compete for your league championship this season. One question though... do you only get to keep 4 while everyone else keeps 8? Also, your auction have $50 already tied up with your 4 keepers. Assuming the standard $260 budget, that leaves you with $210 to play with, which is plenty. I’d look to draft a a couple more studs, assuming there are some remaining from the leftover pool of players (after keepers). Since you have so much money left, you can pretty much price enforce and buy the best remaining players (just don’t overbid if you don’t have to). As for Bichette, it’s tough to say if he will be up this season or not. Rotowire prospect analyst James Anderson seems to think he will make his debut at some point, probably as a September call up. I just wouldn’t spend a lot for his services as he won’t contribute much this year. — Ryan Rufe