2023 Fantasy Baseball Draft Assistant
Fantasy baseball software that will help you make all the right picks during your draft.
RotoWire Baseball Draft Assistant
Custom Scoring

Choose your own scoring settings for rotisserie/points leagues.

Custom Auction Values

Use our software for your auction draft and customize the settings.

Custom Ranks/Values

View custom rankings or auction dollar values – with projections.

Track Every Pick

Track every pick during your draft and view all rosters.

Run Mock Drafts

Run your own mock drafts to hone in on your best possible draft strategy.

Project Future Picks

Look ahead in the draft to see who will most likely be picked before you are up to bat.

Project Scoring Category Targets

Take the guessing out of estimating the best, median, and worst category values for your stat categories in rotisserie leagues.

Edit Projections

Tweak our player projections for every stat category and instantly have your rankings updated.

Edit Draft Strategy

Weight your top picks according to our rankings, your category targets, positional availability, and positional scarcity to create your very own draft strategy.

Player News/Outlooks

Get the latest news and outlooks for every player in order to gain confidence in your drafting decisions.

Keeper League Tools

CAdd keepers to team rosters and even trade picks.

Connect to Live Draft Room (Yahoo, CBS, Fantrax, Ottoneu)

Connect our software to your live draft to automatically sync your draft picks in real time!

Frequently Asked Questions


All I see is a blank screen.

Your browser is unable to load the Draft Assitant. First make sure that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. If you are using the Safari browser try loading the Draft Assistant in a different browser (e.g. Chrome/Firefox). If problems persist please contact support and we will try to resolve your issue in a timely manner.

I am missing a league setting or roster/scoring category.

We always try to do our best to include an exhaustive set of league settings with our draft softwares, but if you have a league setting that you don't see here feel free to contact support and let them know and we will do our best to integrate your league settings as closely as possible into our Draft Assistant. But before contacting support please consider that it may not matter in practice! For example, stat categories that rarely score points tend to become immaterial to our rankings algorithm. Similarly, you may be able to combine a missing roster category into the utility (UT) or reserves (R) slot on your teams.

Live Draft (Yahoo, CBS, Fantrax, Ottoneu)

How does it work?

Our Live Draft integration automatically updates draft picks from your live draft room to our Draft Assistant in real time! Importantly, you still need to make your draft picks in your draft room. Our live draft integration is a "one-way-street" that simply syncs draft picks to the Draft Assistant so that you don't have to manually record every pick.

My draft settings don't match my league.

This can be resolved by either manually adjusting the draft settings within the assistant to match your league OR by refreshing your league from our my leagues tool. Under certain circumstances You may need to delete and then re-import your league in order to ensure all of the settings match. Finally, you will need to "Start New Draft" from the draft assistant in order to create a new draft with the updated settings.

My draft order doesn't match.

By default the draft order for some baseball leagues isn't set until the draft has started. This means that you will need to refresh your league from our my leagues tool in order for the draft positions to update. Lastly, you will need to "Start New Draft" from the draft assistant in order to create a new draft with the updated draft order.

My live draft has already started. Can I still use this software?

Yes! Our live draft integration will quickly and accurately sync all draft picks at any point during (or even after) your live draft.

Does the live draft integration work for auction drafts?

Yes! Auction drafts are supported. Just make sure you have checked that your draft settings are set to "Auction" before connecting to your live draft.