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What are NFL Player Prop Bets?

NFL player prop bets are wagers on an individual player's statistical achievements. Instead of betting on a team to win a game, sports bettors wager at NFL betting sites on what a player will accomplish in a game or during a season.

Popular NFL prop odds include betting on a quarterback to throw for more or less than 300 yards in a game or placing a bet that a wide receiver will score a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Odds for NFL prop bets range from minus odds, something like -110 or -120, to very long odds. The longer odds are typical when predicting a first touchdown scorer as you can usually select from a long list of players. Betting on a second-string tight end to score the first TD in a game can have odds as long as 50-to-1.

Best NFL Week 1 Prop Bets

The odds for NFL player props for Week 1 of the NFL season have not been released. When they are, we will provide you with our best Week 1 NFL prop bets to back, so bookmark this page and check with us often. Odds are typically released a few days before the game, as oddsmakers want to make sure of who will be playing and game conditions, such as the weather, before taking bets.

When Are NFL Player Prop Bets Released?

Since NFL player prop bets are based on specific player performance, they are often released a day or two prior to the relevant game. This helps to assure that the status of players is not in question and that the injury report has been released for that week. However, when it comes to Super Bowl odds, those are often released early in the two-week build-up to the game.

There are also season-long player prop bets, like who will lead the NFL in passing yards. Those are released during the NFL offseason.

Where to Bet on The Best NFL Player Props

The best way to bet on NFL player props is by using one of the many NFL betting promos available, as they can often deliver bonus bets that can be used on props and more. You should be sure to shop around to find the best odds and most lucrative welcome bonuses at the leading sports betting apps.

Here are the top online sportsbooks where you can find the best NFL player props.

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Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook offers NFL props and provides more odds boosts than other sportsbooks. This can help you get better odds when wagering on NFL player props. New users receive a great welcome bonus when using the Caesars Sportsbook promo code.

Fanatics Sportsbook

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bet365 is one of the best betting apps when it comes to live betting, and that includes in-game NFL props – both player and team. It typically has terrific offers throughout the NFL season via the bet365 bonus code.


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BetRivers offers one of the best betting sites for bettors looking to wager on NFL props. New customers get an awesome welcome bonus. Use the BetRivers bonus code to take advantage of this offer in time for the Super Bowl.


ESPN BET launched during the NFL season in 2023 and was a smash success, thanks to a terrific ESPN BET promo code offer, competitive odds and plenty of NFL betting markets, including hundreds of NFL prop bets every week.

Can I Parlay NFL Player Props?

Yes, you can parlay NFL player props. Many sportsbooks have same-game or single-game parlays available and some, such as FanDuel and DraftKings, allow NFL player props to be parlayed.

It can make sense to parlay bets on NFL player props under certain circumstances. For example, if you think a team's pass coverage is weak, it can be profitable to parlay player prop bets on yards over for the opposing quarterback as well as a top wide receiver or two. A single-game parlay like this is one of the most popular ways to parlay NFL player props.

Types of NFL Player Prop Bets

There are about as many ways to bet on NFL player props as you could possibly think of, as the variations on these wager types is nearly endless.

Let's review some of the most popular types of NFL player props.

NFL Passing Props

NFL passing props are wagers on whether or not players will reach a certain number of passing yards. The over/under total used on NFL passing props tend to be at or close to the average a specific quarterback has thrown for in the past.

You can get ahead of the curve on this type of bet by knowing if a passer's current performance level is on par for him and the team's offense or if it was skewed up or down by favorable or unfavorable matchups.

NFL Rushing Props

NFL rushing props are wagers on how many yards a player will rush for in a contest. This bet can be on a running back, quarterback or even a wide receiver going over or under a given number of yards. Odds on rushing props are often -110 on both the over and the under.

NFL Receiving Props

NFL receiving props are wagers on whether a player will go over or under a projected number of receiving yards. Receiving player prop bets can also be based on the number of receptions a player will tally in a game. These props are available for most pass catchers, whether it be a wide receiver, tight end or running back. Odds for NFL receiving props are usually -110 on both sides.

NFL Touchdown Scorer Props

NFL touchdown scorer props are a wager on whether or not a specific player will score a touchdown or betting on who will score the first touchdown. There are also NFL touchdown scorer props on if a player will score multiple TDs in a game. Based on the matchup, odds can range from being a slight favorite, typically up to -200, all the way up to odds of around 100-to-1.

Miscellaneous NFL Player Props 

Miscellaneous NFL player props are the types of bets we haven't yet covered here. They can range from how many tackles a defender will tally in a game or how many field goals or total points a kicker will have.

Tips & Strategies for Betting on NFL Player Props

With so many NFL player prop options available, it can be overwhelming to come up with a winning strategy in these markets. Below are a few important tips to consider when placing NFL prop bets.

  • Consider the matchup: When targeting a player prop, you must account for the team your player is facing. The matchup is often baked into the prop, but the onus is on the bettor to determine whether the expected game flow will cater better to betting the over or the under on a given prop. For example, a star running back may have a seemingly low rushing yardage prop, but it could be because his team is a heavy underdog or is facing a great run defense.
  • Weigh track record vs. recent performance: Is an established star in the midst of a cold stretch? Buying low on bankable talent can be a profitable strategy. On the other side, is a less-established player overperforming? That could be a good target to bet the under on their prop. 
  • Bet sensibly: It may be alluring to bet on a prop with a significant potential payout, but bear in mind that the odds are long for a reason. Betting primarily on long shots like a player to score 3+ touchdowns is not a winning strategy in the long run. Instead, stick to more reasonable markets like passing yardage, rushing yardage or receptions. 

Our Conclusion on NFL Player Props

NFL player prop bets are a great way to bet on the NFL. Whether you want to predict if a player will score a touchdown or if they will tally enough yards to top an over/under, NFL player props cover the gamut during every NFL game.

Odds on NFL player props can also be profitable for bettors as they often have longer odds with bigger payouts. Making prop bet wagers on the NFL is a huge part of the sports betting market as you can win or lose a wager on almost every play.

NFL Player Props FAQs

When do NFL player props come out?

NFL props tend to be released around 48 hours before kickoff during the NFL preseason, regular season and playoffs. NFL Super Bowl props usually come out early in the two-week run-up to the game. There may be some basic player prop bets posted earlier in the week during the regular season, but that is an exception and not the rule, as sportsbooks want to make sure to accurately account for injuries when setting NFL player prop bets and odds.

Where to find NFL player props?

You can find the latest NFL betting props by visiting your favorite sportsbooks and clicking on one of the upcoming games. That will display all of the available wagers and odds for that contest and prop bets will be one of the wager types. Although those wagers may not be displayed until the game is within 48 hours of kicking off, the latest NFL betting props can be found on the sportsbook sites and apps once they are made available.

How to play NFL player props? 

Navigate to the player props section of the NFL betting markets on the sportsbook of your choice. From there, you will be able to choose props from every game on the slate. Simply select your desired prop – whether it's an anytime touchdown prop or the over on Patrick Mahomes' passing yardage. Then enter your wager amount and place your bet.

Which states can bet on NFL player props?

You can bet on NFL player props in any state where wagering on NFL games is legal. The state list includes Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.