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Thursday Night Football
Posted by tedrossman (3239 days ago)
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I'm pumped that Thursday night NFL games are back. I enjoy them more than the Monday night games because, rather than a follow-up to a busy football weekend, they are a prelude of an exciting weekend to come. By Monday night, many fantasy matchups have been decided, but on Thursday night, the game is just beginning.

Thursday night games also represent the final tense stretch of the regular season, when fantasy and NFL playoff berths are won and lost. Especially for those of us without NFL Sunday Ticket, these Thursday games are bonus chances to see out-of-market games as an appetizer to the main event on Sunday.

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herbilk commented 3239 days ago
I like the Thursday game, but having it on the NFL network sucks. Not only do their broadcasts stink, but barely anyone gets that stupid channel. Keep the the Thursday game, just put it on somewhere other than the NFL network.
LairdNYC commented 3238 days ago
I was able to watch on - does anyone know if that will be available all season?
Erickson commented 3228 days ago
I actually like the NFLN's broadcasts. I particularly like Collinsworth doing games.
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