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Looking ahead to the 2009 Season
Posted by aholtzma (3203 days ago)
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Call me crazy but things are definately changing in terms of fantasy producers in the NFL. The rise of several young players is shifting the landscape of potential picks in your fantasy draft for 2009. Rising at RB are Michael Turner, Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Steve Slaton. Notice that all of those names were third round or significatly lower picks in this past year's drafts. In terms of RB you already know who is falling. The list is a long one and many owners cursed these players throughout the season. The landscape at RB is undergoing a monumental shift.

The wide receiver position is less dramatic but Roddy White has led the charge of up and coming risers like Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings, and Andre Johnson. These are obvious names but they are trending upward while players like Terrell Ownes, Torry Holt, Randy Moss, Braylon Edwards, all picked over the risers, are trending down. Young receivers like Deshaun Jackson, Steve Breaston, Eddie Royal, Lance Moore, and Antonio Bryant will all be valueble sleepers in 2009. The wide receiver position is also filled with youthful wonders.

At quarterback there will also be changes. Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers, and Aaron Rogers are all valuable picks next season.

The 2009 season and fantasy drafts should be interesting indeed. Those who fail to know how the league is changing could suffer painful seasons for sure.

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tbonegeorge1000 commented 3198 days ago
There is going to be a lot of depth at RB next year, because even if you don't have a top tier, you can still survive and there should not be a significant difference in stats. However, the WR position is where I would like to be strong because their are still only about 10 playmakers who are consistent every week. Id rather have 2 top tier WR's and 2 decent RB's than 2 iffy RB's and 2 horrible RB's. Look out for Brady Quinn next year and who can forget about Tom Brady. There are about 8-10 qb's who come to play every week so that is not as important. There is a lot of good talent, especially for next year. Should we start focusing on Defense Teams? Not a bad option if you can get the points than RB's and WR's week in week out.
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