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Zygmunt out as Rams GM
Posted by vtadave (3194 days ago)
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It wasn't hard to see this one coming, but today hopefully marks a turning point for the Rams as Jay Zygmunt has "stepped down" (translation: he was canned) as Rams GM.

I find this somewhat ironic, as the Rams are coming off one of their better drafts considering the emergence of Donnie Avery as their most productive WR.

Hopefully ownership can bring in a legitimate GM with a proven track record in the area of player development and scouting. Scott Pioli seems unlikely, as does Bill Cowher as new coach/GM, but no retreads (Floyd Reese, I'm talking about you) please.

Time to rebuild.

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JesseLSiegel commented 3194 days ago
If you're the Rams, where do you begin? I would say offensive line. Bulger and Steven Jackson are under contract, and Donnie Avery looks like a star in the making. But they're not worth anything if you can't protect the quarterback. Obviously the defense needs a major overhaul, but you used the second pick in the draft on a DL (Chris Long). Look at the teams with great success over the past few seasons. Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Colts...all great offensive lines. The upcoming draft should be used on OL, DBs, a wide receiver and a quarterback of the future. I still don't trust Bulger, but you're probably stuck with him and his bloated contract.
vtadave (Blog Author) commented 3193 days ago
I would look to deal Holt, Bulger, Pace, even Steven Jackson...anyone with a few years under their belt.

I'd also look seriously at a franchise QB in the draft or a guy like Matt Cassel who will be a FA. Of course Bulger's contract could be an issue (not sure of the cap ramifications of cutting him).
jhermann commented 3189 days ago
Vtadave, I appreciate that you cover my Rams, and I also respect your loyalty to a poorly run franchise. For too long, the Rams have been in the gutter. Some of this is a function of poor coaching. The larger problem, however, is that the upper management has made bad decision after bad decision. Now that Zygmunt and Shaw (who never even left LA after the team relocated) are no longer with the team, there is a glimmer of hope. I wold like to build the team from the interior. I think Carriker and Long could be strong long term. And, like you, I am impressed with Avery. I actually criticized Rams management for taking Avery with the 2nd round pick. I am wrong. Now, we need to fix the O-line, LB's, and CB's. I think Inaction Jackson does more harm than good for the team, and should be traded, as well as Holt and Bulger. I think we need a real old school coach, a disciplinarian to change the culture of the franchise. Drafting is only one piece of the puzzle. We need to do a better job with our free agents. Please, I beg that we do not acquire free agents like Drew Bennett (for 35 million). Horrible. I am also not sold on Jacob Bell. The change is an incremental process, so we have to be patient. I would love Cowher to be the coach, but I see no incentive for him to join the sorry franchise. I also would stay away from college coaches, because the two games are different. Interesting blog. Thanks for posting.
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