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Ive had enough of Brett Favre
Posted by tdonkey (3152 days ago)
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Is it just me or has ESPN forced all things Favre down our throats for the better part of the last ten years? It seemed to have come to a head last year when he retired and then unretired all of which was tirelessly covered by ESPN. Constant breaking news updates; most of which were neither news nor breaking. And now as the regular season comes to a close and Brett has led his Jets into sunset with a 1-4 record and multiple costly interceptions and reports of shoulder injuries I am left with this question, Is Brett Favre a paid reality television star employed by ESPN? Chris Berman talks about him as if they grew up together or possibly slept together. Ron Jaworski seems to have a man crush on Brett that probably borders on stalking in some states and dont get me started on Tirico and Kornheiser, 2 thirds of the worst broadcasting crew ever assembled....I digress. Anyhow, if anyone out there shares my opinion or not please feel free to comment.

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schoenke commented 3152 days ago
This just in .. Favre 'considering' retirement. More news as it develops.
herbilk commented 3151 days ago
I thought it was funny that the ESPN news scroll last night had breaking news from Ed Werder: "Farve expected to diliberate for some time before making a decision on retirement". Is that really something worthy of the news scroll? What is the point in even putting that on there?
Erickson commented 3151 days ago
Chris Mortensen reports that Brett Favre just ate a sandwich. ESPN's Buster Olney confirms this report.
Bankerbob commented 3151 days ago
I feel that we should all chip in and buy him some Sham Wows for his soon to be held press conference. There will be a large number of tears. I'm tired of hearing what a tough competitor he is. He cries more than any athlete I have witnessed. I didn't cry at my retirement ceremony and I worked much longer than he has, and pretty much a wimp.
***Edited at 12/31/2008 4:09 PM PT***
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