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More Breaking News About Brett Favre
Posted by tdonkey (3182 days ago)
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Is there not enough meaningful and interesting news in the world of sports this week? NFL playoffs, PGA season opener, multiple free agent signings in baseball and the National Championship and yet ESPN still seems to think that Favre is a "developing story". It makes me ill...ESPN has turned into the TMZ of the sports world. They should be selling that overgrown rag they call a magazine at supermarket checkouts. Next weeks cover will likely be split between stories about Brett's drama with Thomas Jones and baby names for Brad and Angelina.
Please give me another network to get my sports news from and I will gladly change. Maybe if they actually showed sports during the day it would be easier to stomach. I would rather watch Wofford against Western Kentucky than see Ed Werder's blotchy face telling me that TO is a baby and Pacman is a thug! Is that really news? Didnt we know these things 4 years ago?!? Anyway, im getting worked up, time for my blood pressure meds and another episode of The Wire.

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jhermann commented 3182 days ago
tdonkey, I agree with you on all accounts. ESPN needs to revamp completely. Also, if you ever watch ESPN's
coverage of football during the regular season, there is more time devoted to the Cowboys than any other team. Is Jerry Jones part owner of ESPN? I say enough, as well.

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