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Fantasy Golf not in Mainstream Just Yet
Posted by td33boys (3135 days ago)
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As I watched the Sony Open last week and was fretting over what my fantasy team was doing, I could not help but think back to 1999 watching NFL football. Fantasy football had not hit the mainstream and there was not the coverage, insight, updates, oponions etc that we see today. It was a blast watching Warner and "The Greatest Show on Turf", but you were always yearning for who had gone nuts with other teams and how you were doing in your league. Now Rotowire and exposure to fantasy football has made all the watching and following quite easy. Fantasy Golf is now in the same delimemma. Fantasy Golf has become more popular, but the networks and now the Golf Channel have not bought into the recent excitement behind Fantasy Golf. If I had not pre loaded my team and my opponents into the PGATOUR.COM leaderboard into my lap top, then I would not have known there were 74 other players in the field on Sunday. I enjoyed the battle between Johnson, Toms, Scott and Howell III, but I am curious to know why we saw so few shots from Gay, McNeil, Na, Marino and a hot rookie named Webb Simpson. I hope fantasy golf continues to grow and we start seeing a full array of players and stop seeing so many tidbits from Frank Nobilo and other instructors. PGA of America has great teaching professionals all over the country, let them teach us how to hit certain shots. We want to see coverage of different golfers, not all the special interest stories. I guess I would be happier had I had Johnson, Toms, Scott or Howell III on my team, but I did not.

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