CAR vs. PHI Matchup Edge

Carolina vs. Philadelphia

Open: 45 O/U, CAR -3
Press time: 45 O/U, CAR -3

Other than maybe Deshaun Watson, there might not be a hotter player in the league over the last two weeks than Cam Newton, who followed up an inconclusive big game against the Patriots with a convincing showing Sunday against a Detroit defense that had arguably been the league’s best in the first month.

RotoWire injury expert Jeff Stotts predicted that Newton would likely start slowly but should pick up steam as his shoulder rebuilt its strength after an offseason surgery to repair a torn labrum. Newton’s velocity noticeably lagged in his first few games, but he seemed to generate more zip last week especially. If Newton is truly himself, he’s likely one of the top quarterbacks in the league for the foreseeable future.

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Monday Night Observations

What a frustrating and disastrous game. I was up 11 against a team with Kyle Rudolph who had one target and zero catches in the first half. I also had the Bears plus three. Not only did Rudolph seem like Case Keenum’s only target all second half, but the refs called the game as if they had bet on the Vikings.

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Week 5 Observations

I spent the first 20 minutes of action frantically trying to get one of three browsers to carry either the red-zone channel or Giants game, and they kept hanging or giving me error messages. I searched Twitter, and apparently Game Pass was having problems for its European users. I was working myself into a rage, considering what angry demands I might make with customer service when suddenly it was fixed.

Moreover, while the NFL app on my older Apple TV model doesn’t work, I finally figured out how to “airplay” the red-zone channel from a “second screen” on my laptop, leaving the laptop itself for the Giants game and Twitter, i.e., I finally had last year’s setup back, minus the ability to split the screen into two or four games, which I honestly never used that much. From the aggravation of getting my set-up together to the frustration of the games themselves, the transition was nearly seamless.

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RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship – Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 and welcome to the Bye Weeks.

For the Daily Fantasy it is not as much of a hindrance as opposed to the year-long fantasy leagues, but there are some Daily Fantasy players who love playing the same quarterback or running back or wide receiver or even kicker and defense.

But for the Fifth Week, there are some choice players that you can’t choose from like a pair of quarterbacks, Falcons’ Matt Ryan and Saints’ Drew Brees. Both who have started out relatively slow, but are considered favorites for Daily Fantasy as well as some of the other Falcons, Saints, Broncos and Redskins.
Along with the choice quarterbacks missing from Week 5 was possibly the highest scoring game of the week that was Thursday between the Bucs and Patriots (update, it was an underwhelming offensive game as it turned out to be).
Along with the Bye Weeks, welcome to Week 5 of the RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship.

If you are unfamiliar with the competition, here are the basics:

– 10-week competition hosted on FanDuel
– $10 entry
– Compete against other users and three FanDuel experts (Jeff Erickson, Derek VanRiper, Kevin Payne)
– Finish above the experts and win an entry in the Week 11 Freeroll with over $4,000 in prizes and RotoWire subscriptions up for grabs
– Each qualifying week acts as a double-up with the top 150 doubling up their cash
– This is not a continuous competition so you can enter every week, and you don’t have to have participated in Week 1 to enter this week’s competition
– You can sign up for this week’s competition here

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Thursday Night Observations

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

So what if the Patriots defense was terrible through four games? That doesn’t mean Week 5 will play out the same way. I’m not arguing the Pats have fixed anything permanently – only that whatever information you have heading into the game often quickly becomes irrelevant once the game starts.

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TB vs. NE Matchup Edge

Tampa Bay vs. New England

Open: 53.5 O/U, NE -5
Press time: 54 O/U, NE -5

The Patriots have allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 69.7 percent of passes at 9.4 yards per attempt, with a touchdown percentage of 7.7. For the Buccaneers, the yardage and touchdowns have been contained at 7.5 YPA and a touchdown percentage of 4.7, but the completion percentage is still high at 67.7.

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