Early FAAB Results

In many leagues, the first run of FAAB ran on Sunday, including all the NFBC events that have already completed their drafts. In one league I’m in, we drafted in February and Chris Paddack (and I’m really getting tired of auto-correct changing him to “Paddock” every time already) went undrafted, so we had our first bidding war. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are my early FAAB results.

Beat Jeff Erickson1” (Drafted 2/27)

– This is the first of my two entries in the RotoWire Online Championship in the NFBC (the other upcoming on Tuesday night).

Oh hey, look, I already overspent on a free agent, getting the Yankees’ Domingo German for $85/$1,000 – over a second place bid of $19. I’m actually still ok with this – I think German could stick in the rotation longer than most realize, and he was my top target. Had I not gotten German, I would have gotten Pablo Lopez, albeit for a lower bid.

Pay attention to the drops – especially in the 12-team leagues like this one. There are plenty of valuable players that get shuffled up-and-down.

NFBC Main Event (Drafted 3/23)

– That’s right, we just drafted this league yesterday for crying out loud! But I wanted to get Montas, and in the heat of the moment I neglected to draft him in the last couple of rounds in the endgame. I like that someone else was trying to get him, even though I still overpaid a little bit.

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TGFBI (Draft began 2/24)

– I lost out on Pablo Lopez, bidding just $5 on him, but weirdly I’m not heartbroken in losing on him. I guess I like my team.

LABR Mixed League (Drafted 2/12)

– Another early draft, and this is the one that didn’t have Chris Paddack selected. This league has DL spots, so that also means fewer drops with these pickups, and more free agents selected, because we don’t have the consequence with a drop right now. I did drop Daniel Palka in addition to putting Michael Fulmer and Rich Hill on the DL. I lost out on Paddack, unfortunately – $63 to $57. My consolation prizes were Jung Ho Kang ($15), Sergio Romo ($10 – I also own Drew Steckenrider), and Dakota Hudson ($10).

RotoWire Staff Keeper League (Drafted 3/6)

– Even with the early draft date, the inventory is pretty thin here, because it’s an 18-team league with 10-man minor league rosters and seven-man reserves. The one pressure point is that there is no DL list. We’re not allowed to pick up minor leaguers or players on the DL. If you see a higher bid not winning the player, it only means that the bid in question was a contingency bid, and that the owner got another player first.

Not all of my leagues had a FAAB run this week – there will be some that run FAAB on Wednesday night, others that are waiting until next week.