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Justin Fielkow is an attorney at the Franklin Law Group in Northfield, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. A proud Wisconsin Badger, he also attended Tulane University Law School, where he obtained a Certificate in Sports Law. Justin has been writing for Rotowire since 2008, covering the New Orleans Saints, and as a columnist analyzing legal issues and their impact on fantasy sports.

Fantasy sports articles written by Justin Fielkow

Team Previews: New Orleans Saints

Justin Fielkow analyzes whether the Saints can find success in the latter stages of Drew Brees' career.

Team Previews: New Orleans Saints

Justin Fielkow examines the state of New Orleans Saints football following a disappointing season on the defensive side of the ball.

Fielkow's Law: What the Chapman Precedent Means

Justin Fielkow analyzes the fallout from Aroldis Chapman's 30-game suspension under MLB's new domestic violence policy and what it means for Jose Reyes and Yasiel Puig.

Fielkow's Law: Deflategate's Not Over Yet

Justin Fielkow analyzes the outcome of the Deflategate ruling and explains why Tom Brady's fantasy owners still have cause for concern.

Fielkow's Law: Will Brady's Value Deflate?

Justin Fielkow breaks down the legal ramifications in Deflategate, now that the case has gone to court, and explains what it means for fantasy owners.

2015 Team Preview: New Orleans Saints

Will the loss of Jimmy Graham be a major hit to Drew Brees' value in 2015-16?

Fielkow's Law: A Sound(er) Decision?

Clint Dempsey has been suspended for three MLS matches for an incident with a referee during Tuesday's U.S. Open Cup match, and RotoWire's Justin Fielkow explains why it could have been worse.

Fielkow's Law: FAQ on Tom Brady's Suspension and Appeal

Justin Fielkow covers the particulars of Tom Brady's suspension, and the fantasy ramifications, if it's upheld.

Fielkow's Law: Lifting the Embargo

Justin Fielkow shows how new rules for international free agents helped determine Boston's plans for its two Cuban imports.

Fielkow's Law: Hamilton's Risk Grows

Justin Fielkow checks on the Josh Hamilton situation and what it means for fantasy owners.

Fielkow's Law: Spurring Them On

Justin Fielkow looks into the circumstances of DeAndre Yedlin's transfer to Tottenham.

Smoove Move: Hitting the Reset Button on Josh Smith

President and coach of the Detroit Pistons Stan Van Gundy used the seldom-utilized stretch provision to waive Josh Smith on Monday. Justin Fielkow goes through the salary and fantasy fallout.

Fielkow's Law NBA: Tailored Punishment

Attorney Justin Fielkow dissects what Jeff Taylor's 24-game suspension means for the NBA's domestic violence policy going forward and how it impacts fantasy.

Fielkow's Law: New NHL Rules Could Bring More Goals

RotoWire's Justin Fielkow looks at this season's addendums to the NHL rule book, and how the changes may impact power-play snipers like the Ducks' Corey Perry.

NBA Draft Kit: Suspension Report

Players can be suspended for a variety of reasons, and with a lot of the penalties that result in suspensions affecting the end of the season, it's important to review its fantasy impact.

Fielkow's Law: Blounted Ballers

Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount's off-field trouble this week might not become a headache for fantasy owners for quite some time.

Fielkow's Law NBA: Nikola Mirotic Finally Joins the Bulls

Nikola Mirotic has earned several awards overseas since being drafted 23rd overall in 2011, but will his success abroad lead to success as an NBA rookie?

2014 Team Preview: New Orleans Saints

Colston(e) Age

Fielkow's Law: Gone in a Flash

Josh Gordon faces a season-long suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Fielkow's Law: Drew and Morales Still Looking for New Teams

Interest Could Increase as Injuries Mount

Fielkow's Law: Saints Elect to Use Franchise Tag On Graham

A Look at the Saints' Decision to Franchise Jimmy Graham

Fielkow's Law NBA: The Luxury Tax and Trade Deadline

Justin Fielkow breaks down everything you need to know about the luxury tax and how it could affect teams' moves as the trade deadline approaches.

The Super Twos: Fielkow's Law

When Promotions Hinge on Finances

Fielkow's Law : Where Will Masahiro Tanaka End Up?

Legal expert Justin Fielkow examines the New Posting System With Tanaka in mind.

Fielkow's Law: Blackmon Suspended by NFL

Jags' Wideout Not Eligible for Reinstatement Until Next Season

Fielkow's Law: A Closer Look At NCAA Transfer Rules

Legal expert Justin Fielkow examines how the NCAA's inconsistency regarding transfer situations can swing teams' fortunes - and fantasy titles.

Fielkow's Law: Navigating The NFL's Concussion Protocol

Legal expert Justin Fielkow shows you how players like the Packers' Eddie Lacy navigate through the concussion protocol.

NBA Draft Kit: Suspension Report

With the Biogenesis scandal shaking the foundation of fantasy baseball this season, RotoWire thought it pertinent to break down all of the ways in which NBA players can be suspended so that you're not caught off guard.

Fielkow's Law: Manziel's Maelstrom

Justin Fielkow explores the situation that Johnny Manziel currently finds himself embroiled.

Fielkow's Law: A Guide Through The Legal World Of Sports With A Fantasy Spin

Justin Fielkow circles back to discuss changes to free-agent compensation and their impact on the MLB trade deadline.

2013 New Orleans Saints Team Preview: Saints Get Their Coach Back

A Guide Through The Legal World Of Sports With A Fantasy Spin: Fielkow's Law

Dropping the Hammer: The Latest on the MLB PED Scandal

A Guide Through The Legal World Of Sports With A Fantasy Spin: Fielkow's Law

MLB's New Free Agency and Draft Rules Part 1: What The Walk Year Means To You

Fielkow's Law: A Guide Through The Legal World Of Sports With a Fantasy Spin

A Look at The NBA's One-and-Done Rule: Part 2

Fielkow's Law: Anchors Away

Golf Rule Change Could Have Fantasy Impact

Fielkow's Law: A Guide Through The Legal World of Sports With A Fantasy Spin

The Curious Case Of Demarcus Cousins

Fielkow's Law: A Guide Through The Legal World of Sports With A Fantasy Spin

Ed Reed beat his suspension thanks to the nuances of the CBA.

2012 New Orleans Saints Team Preview: Will Offseason Turmoil Hurt the Saints?

2011 Saints Team Preview: Looking to Reclaim the NFC South Title

An in-depth look at the New Orleans Saints heading into the 2011 season.

Team Previews: 2010 Saints Preview

Saints Look to Shake the Super Bowl Hangover Plague