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NE-IND 4th-down Decision
Posted by schoenke (2952 days ago)
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Was Bill Belichick's decision to go for it on 4th-and-2 correct?

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tomwetsu commented 2949 days ago
Punting the ball does not lose the game either.

The right decision is to punt the ball and expect your defense to make a stop. Going for it tells your defense that their coach has no confidence in them.

If this was any other coach the media would be killing him and not debating whether it was a good call or not.

Hey Bill, PUNT THE BALL Everyday and twice on SUNDAY NIGHT!

herbilk commented 2952 days ago
It was completely the correct decision. People are way overestimating the Patriots ability to stop the Colts from scoring after a punt. Getting the first down wins the game. Not getting the first down does not lose the game. The difference in percent chance the Colts score a TD given the ball on the Patriots 30 and their own 40 is not big enough to overcome the winning outcome of getting a first down.
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Indianapolis Colts
New England Patriots

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