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Friends of the Mets
Created by mrusignola at 11/6/2008 3:42 PM PT
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mrusignola (Group Admin) posted 3293 days ago
Looks like the Mets signed K-Rod after all -- 3 yrs, $37 M. A better deal than Fuentes at that price, but still -- not a strategic signing in my book. This is a Minaya "big splash" type signing.
mrusignola (Group Admin) posted 3309 days ago
I dunno -- If I'm spending 13M+ a year, I'd rather get a bat. The sneaky play (which I doubt the Mets will do) is to go trade for Takashi Saito. The Dodgers are looking to go with Broxton, making Saito expendable. I think he'll bounce back next year -- so he's a good short-term fix at the position.
airjan23 posted 3326 days ago
Look for the Mets to give Fuentes $38-40 million over three years as they currently do not want to go any longer in terms of contract length. Also, look for a trade to acquire a righty power arm, though we had that and dealt Matt Lindstrom for Jason
mrusignola (Group Admin) posted 3326 days ago
All right guys -- let's get this hot stove discussion off right! Who is our 2009 closer? K-Rod, Fuentes, Street or someone else?
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New York Mets

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