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Keeper choices in a 5x5 20 team league
Posted by ace98lau (2841 days ago)
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Best keeper trio standard 5x5 competitive 20 team league. Read comments:

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ace98lau (Poll Creator) commented 2818 days ago
Made up my mind

Greinke, Sandoval and Hanson..... Based strictly on the round chosen, I think there's no value that can come close.
gruntyboy1 commented 2820 days ago
A no brainer. Hanson, Greinke and Sandoval. None of the other combos are even close. Most of the knuckleheads voting here didn't read what round you can keep them in. When you factor that in the choice is obvious. They are all nice keeper options don't get me wrong but you are getting way more value from Option 5.
sno420brdr commented 2821 days ago
Dude you are insane. You MUST keep Hanson. 17 round? Keep Hanson and Grienke for sure. Both are absolute values. Ellsbury and Sandoval would be the other two I would consider. Granted Broxton is the top closer I think saves are easier to draft and pick up mid season. If you think steals will be kept by many owners keep Ells, if not I think Sandoval is the better value. Just please, whatever you do, keep Hanson. Youll thank me.
ace98lau (Poll Creator) commented 2839 days ago
Which is the best keeper trio in a standard 5x5-very competitive 20 team league. Closers, C, 2B, SS and 3B are at a premium. You lose the round where you drafted the player if you decide to keep him. These are the costs of the players as I drafted them:
3rd Round (51st pick) Jacoby Ellsbury
6th Round (110th pick) Zack Greinke
7th Round (131st pick) Jonathan Broxton
8th Round (150th pick) Pablo Sandoval
17th Round (331st pick ) Tommy Hanson

Leaning towards option 2 right now, but need guidance. Hanson could be a monster and at the price of a 17th round pick could be outright theft. Please provide feedback.
***Edited at 3/3/2010 7:41 AM PT***
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Boston Red Sox
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants

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