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The Dallas Stars Rotowire Community
Created by SundayPunishment at 9/20/2013 2:48 PM PT
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100% Dallas Hockey

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SundayPunishment (Group Admin) posted 1638 days ago
Stars preseason stats as of 09/25/13.

*Jamie Benn and Colton Sceviour lead the Stars with four goals each. They are tied for second in the NHL in preseason goal scoring. Edmonton’s David Perron is tops with five in four games played.

*Sceviour and Tyler Seguin lead the team with five points. They are tied for tenth for tenth in the NHL. Edmonton’s Jordan Eberle is tops with eight points in four games.

*Seguin leads Dallas with four assists and is tied for sixth in the NHL. Eberle and Columbus’ Brandon Dubinsky are tied for the league lead with six.

*The Stars have outscored their opponents 18-14 over five games played. (3.6 per game to 2.8 per game)
SundayPunishment (Group Admin) posted 1643 days ago
0919/13. Dallas Stars name Jamie Benn Captain before the 2013-2014 season begins. He will be the 6th Captain in franchise history. He also gets to move back to his wing position which is his natural position. When asked how he felt about playing center he said it was a good experience for him but at wing he sees the ice more clearly. Prepare for good things from our new Captain.
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Dallas Stars

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