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RotoWire Community - Polls - Polls about the Arizona Diamondbacks

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Arizona Diamondbacks Polls
Poll Name Poll Question Responses Comments Date Created
Trade help Should I trade alex wood and chris owings for David price in a points league? 24 1 5/26/2017 12:25 PM PT
Happ or C Lewis or Archer? Best starter to roll with next? Happ @ Detroit, C Lewis vs Houston, or Archer @ Arizona? 21 0 6/4/2016 5:00 AM PT
Trade Help Should i trade mookie betts for AJ pollock and either a 2nd or 3rd round picků its a 10 team keeper and im rebuilding 28 0 5/18/2016 8:11 AM PT
Need some Trade Help I need pitching. Was offered Kenta Maeda, Kevin Gausman, and Aldemys Dias for Miggy and David Peralta. 23 0 5/2/2016 12:45 PM PT
Trade help I have Jay Bruce in a 12 team league with 3OF 2 Utl, I am thinking about trading him for severino, i would still have David Peralta, Marte, Gomez, Maz... 27 0 4/26/2016 3:23 PM PT
Trade help please I give Trout and Quintana. Would also drop Amarista or Alexei Ramirez and Fiers. I get Donaldson, Story, Cueto and Corbin. 10 Team Dynasty 25 man ro... 38 0 4/20/2016 7:09 AM PT
CI quandry Would you keep Solarte or Tomas, for a backup CI, with infield or outfield eligibility not a factor? 25 0 4/2/2016 9:30 PM PT
Is this a fair deal? Guy dealing Goldy is in the middle of pack about 20 points out of money. One dealing Greinke is 3rd and 3-4 pts out of first. Goldschmidt & Burns f... 15 0 8/11/2015 11:25 AM PT
Arizona closer situation Any ideas what Arizona is going to do with Reed and who replaces him. 13 3 5/14/2015 6:53 AM PT
bradley or iwakuma have a trade offer of iwakuma at 11 dollars and would be forced to throw him back into the pool at the end of the year and archie bradley at 5 and wou... 21 1 4/11/2015 7:58 PM PT
Grilli Trade Which side do you prefer? 26 0 4/9/2015 5:14 AM PT
Pick a prospect Who would you draft? 79 0 3/22/2015 7:18 PM PT
Who gets the better deal?? P. Goldschmidt and G. Stanton for P. Fielder, C. Blackmon, and C. Yelich. 37 2 4/29/2014 8:35 AM PT
Harper for Wright? Who'd you rather have this year? Harper or Wright. 47 0 4/22/2014 12:14 PM PT
Patrick Corbin Worth Keeping? He'll take up a bench spot (not DL). Cost $12 in 2015. Up to 10 keepers. He would maybe be the 9th or 10th guy. 34 0 3/27/2014 2:34 PM PT
Which pitcher Who would you take in a dynasty league? 64 1 3/24/2014 10:33 AM PT
1st Draft Pick Should Be Who? 10 Team H2H 10 Dynasty Keepers, Round 11 is the 1st RD. You have: C - Posey 1B - Goldschmidt 2B - nobody SS - Segura SS/3B - Bogaerts 3B - M... 44 0 3/13/2014 8:59 PM PT
Who Do You Drop: Part 3 You get 10 Keepers. C- B. Posey 1B-P. Goldschmidt SS-J. Segura SS-X. Bogaerts 3B-M. Machado OF-M. Trout OF-B. Harper OF-W. Myers OF-Y. Puig... 15 0 3/8/2014 1:06 PM PT
MLB keeper league I need to keeper 3 any loss of draft picks just 3 straight up... 90 0 11/15/2013 8:40 AM PT
Dare I trade Kershaw? Should I trade Kershaw and Putz for Sale and Kimbrel? 16 0 7/9/2013 7:04 AM PT
Which Side Do You Prefer? Which side of trade would you rather have? 13 0 6/26/2013 8:07 AM PT
Who to drop to pick up Myers? Which of the following should I drop to pick up Myers? I need to improve HR and K/9. 12 0 5/24/2013 2:52 PM PT
Trade offer 11 team dynasty league. Trade or not: Jesus Montero,JJ Putz,Mike Trout,James Shields,Andrelton Simmons for Yu Darvish,Rafael Soriano,Joe Mauer,Alex Ri... 13 0 5/21/2013 7:40 AM PT
Need a SS Jed Lowrie or Didi Gregorius? 20 0 5/19/2013 9:41 PM PT
Pitchers to pick up... Which of the following pitchers is worth picking up? 39 0 4/19/2013 1:10 PM PT
Lee/Miley or Beltre/Vogelsong What do you think of the trade I have been offered? I give Lee/Miley and I get Beltre/Vogelsong 15 3 4/7/2013 6:02 PM PT
Brandon Mccarthy vs Julio Teheran Who'd you take? 19 0 4/6/2013 6:49 PM PT
Brandon Mccarthy or Jarrod Parker Who would you keep? 11 0 4/5/2013 9:20 PM PT
Adam Jones Greg Holland and Miley for Me Should I do this trade? I am in a 10 team mixed league Standard 5X5 H2H each category league. 6 0 3/2/2013 1:05 PM PT
Which WW SS? Alciedes Escobar or Cody Ransom? 30 0 5/8/2012 1:48 AM PT
Final Keeper Need help picking my final keeper. 65 0 3/15/2012 7:40 AM PT
Most Pitching Fantasy Points Who will score the most pitching fantasy points this year? 103 0 2/17/2012 9:42 PM PT
David Freese or Daniel Murphy Standard 5 X 5 Auction League NL Only. Would I be better off keeping Daniel Murphy at $3 or David Freese at $8? 115 0 2/2/2012 10:59 AM PT
Trade Aramis Ramirez for Dan Hudson Who would you rather have in 14 team H2H points league 59 0 7/8/2011 11:12 AM PT
Should I make this trade? I was just offered Crawford for J Upton. Both are second rd keepers. 48 0 5/25/2011 8:27 AM PT
Which trade is a better keeper option? I am trading Logan Morrison and Ted Lilly for Ian Stewart and Daniel Hudson. Who would you rather have for a KEEPER? 99 0 5/3/2011 10:43 AM PT
QUICK! who wins this Trade? THANKS D&T count as category I'm giving up Hudson & Markakis PS Have Latos-Kershaw-Haren and am last in Runs and at the bottom is D&T. HR, SB, & RBI are n... 70 0 4/26/2011 7:54 AM PT
RE: Drop which pitcher Which pitcher would you drop in a H2H league no keeprs? 94 0 4/25/2011 9:01 AM PT
Delmon Young or J. Kubel who to drop or I have both Kubel and Young in my 12 team roto mixed league. Kubel is streaky, Young is quickly becoming a whining bust. Should I trade Kubel while ... 37 1 4/23/2011 3:47 PM PT
SP Keeper Q&A - Anderson, Hudson, Gonzal Which pitcher is the better keeper value for 2011? 40 1 3/20/2011 7:06 PM PT
Keeper advice needed!!! I can keep four of these six, losing the draft pick next to their name in this years draft. Which four should I keep? Lester - 4th rd, Uggla - 9th rd,... 1 5 3/3/2011 6:01 PM PT
K.Johnson (20), Gallardo (9), J.Zimmerma Player (keeper round) - you may keep only one. Which one will you keep? The eligible round decreases by 3 each season - Johnson and Zimmermann would... 52 0 3/2/2011 3:46 AM PT
Brandon Allen Allen could be make or break for fantasy owners this year. How do you see his worth (very traditional Roto league)? 30 0 2/27/2011 9:17 AM PT
NL 5x5 Keepers Which of these 2 would you designate as a keeper? 58 0 1/29/2011 11:58 AM PT
Which Trade Helps More? Can pull one of two trades in a NL Only keeper league. Rollins, who won't be kept next year, is involved in both. The real question is, would I rath... 23 1 8/19/2010 8:12 AM PT
Swap 3B ??? Would you trade ARod for David Wright straight up? 54 1 7/21/2010 7:48 PM PT
Broxton & Haren - For - Latos & Cruz Would you? Mixed league: My SP's are Johnson, Felix, Beckett, Danks, Cahill & Haren RP's - Broxton & Jenks 42 2 7/12/2010 11:56 PM PT
Reynolds for Niemann I've been offered Mark Reynolds for Jeff Niemann in a 12 team, 5x5 keeper league. Should I accept? 28 1 7/9/2010 5:10 AM PT
Tulo down - Have Castro - need MI NL Only - 9 team - Roto I offered Dunn and Leake for J.Upton and I. Stewart. The Counter Billingsly, Hamels or Leake for Stewart I'm pondering Lea... 32 0 6/22/2010 10:19 AM PT
Tim Hudson just became available and may Tim Hudson just became available in my league and I am considering a switch. Is there one I should drop for him or keep what I have? I have Carpenter... 62 0 6/13/2010 2:42 PM PT
trade would you trade angel pagan,mark texiera and fernando rodney for mike leake justin upton and aurbrey huff 195 4 6/13/2010 7:54 AM PT
Montero off Dl-need to drop one So assuming I should keep Montero (I drafted him and kept him on DL), who should I drop tomorrow? 40 4 6/12/2010 8:21 PM PT
Trade 12 team keeper league Dan Haren and Marco Scutaro for Ian Kinser (I,m getting Haren & Scutaro) 143 1 5/31/2010 7:56 AM PT
Lince/Votto/K.Johnson 4 Ultley/Zach/Valv On my team currently are... Pitchers: Lincecum, Garza, Billingsley, Baker, Floyd, Broxton, Papelbon, King Felix Hitters: Soto, Votto, K. Johnso... 37 0 5/23/2010 2:16 AM PT
Josh Beckett for Ian Kennedy In a salaried 10 team league, would you drop Beckett for Kennedy with the undestanding that your team is at the $75 salary cap and you save $4 in doin... 16 0 5/20/2010 8:37 PM PT
Need power! I'm tops in my league in R/SB/AVG but next to last in HR/RBI, so I picked up Kelly Johnson, but need to drop one of my non-power-producing players (Ja... 65 1 5/3/2010 8:25 AM PT
Trade Offer Borbon (Texas OF) for Adam Laroche - Mixed 5 x 5 (Already leading steals need power) 35 0 4/26/2010 6:03 PM PT
Verlander for Haren Trade Should I trade Justin Verlander and Frank Francisco for Dan Haren and Ryan Madsen? I have all AL pitchers with my best being in the AL East and Centra... 56 2 4/4/2010 12:54 PM PT
Ace Pitchers Who is the better pick in a 6x6 league that has K/BB as a sixth cat? 152 0 2/27/2010 9:11 AM PT
Justin Upton or Matt Kemp Who will have the better fantasy year? 637 1 2/24/2010 10:25 PM PT
5x5 sal keeper league. 15 team, keep 16. I'm a little short on SP but I couldn't pass this up. I traded N.Cruz - $15, G.Jones - $9, C.Billingsley - $10, and K.Slowey - $10 for J.Votto - $15, ... 35 0 2/23/2010 9:25 PM PT
5x5 sal keeper league. 15 team, keep 16. Still hurting for a 1B. Should I trade C.Rasmus - $9 and G.Meche - $6 for G.Jones - $9 and Z.Duke - $6. I'm not sold on Jones but not sold on Rasmus e... 11 0 2/20/2010 4:40 PM PT
5x5 sal keeper league. 15 team, keep 16. Need a 1B. There will be only 3 good ones in the auction draft. Thinking of trading N.Cruz - $16 for G.Jones - $9. Is Jones for real at 28? Will he pl... 17 0 2/14/2010 6:54 PM PT
5x5 NL Only Keepers Who would you keep on your roster of the following? 357 0 2/8/2010 5:16 PM PT
5X5 Salary keeper league. Which side do you like ? 28 0 1/28/2010 12:40 PM PT
Salary keeper league Who do you like better ? Loney or LaRoche now that LaRoche is in AZ. LaRoche a $1 more in Sal. 29 0 1/15/2010 4:06 PM PT
Martin/Rasmus for Lind/Montero which side do you like better in this deal? Russell Martin/Colby Rasmus for Adam Lind/Miguel Montero Thanks for your feedback! 31 0 1/12/2010 5:32 PM PT
Trade Would you guys make this trade I giving up J. Hamilton, C. Beltran, M, Wieters, T. hanson, and B. Webb for C. Crawford J. Werth T Hoffman and F Hernan... 70 0 7/23/2009 8:04 PM PT
Wieters or Montero? Wieters, I hate to say it, isn't playing well at all. Snyder is on the DL, Montero is playing very well, and is the catcher of the future. Dump Wiet... 107 0 7/19/2009 7:13 AM PT
Is it time to quit on Webb? Is it time to drop brandon wedd? 28 1 7/16/2009 4:55 AM PT
sizemore for santana I traded sizemore for santana My pitchers are Webb,Shields,Washburn,Baker,Slowey,Nolasco,Hanson and My OF are Markakis, Hamilton, Beltran, Rivera Not ... 48 1 7/14/2009 4:57 PM PT
keeper league blockbuster who wins this deal 61 2 7/12/2009 6:40 PM PT
KEEPER LEAGUE TRADE C.C SABATHIA FOR JUS Hello I'm in a keeper league in which you can have a team for unlimited years. I've been offered Justin Upton for C.C Sabathia. My question is should ... 23 2 6/26/2009 4:53 AM PT
keeper league trade Who wins this trade? 52 0 6/13/2009 9:18 PM PT
Trade? Should I trade Chad Qualls for Adam Dunn? 170 4 5/5/2009 11:18 AM PT
Comeback pitcher Which pitcher with a bad start will most likely contend for a Cy Young? 394 0 4/15/2009 5:05 PM PT
Keeper League Trade $300.00 Salary cap. Team A: Trade Alfonso Soriano $22(team still has Marmol $14 and Valverde $22)to Team B: Brian Wilson $14 and Stephen Drew $19 (te... 71 1 3/3/2009 2:24 PM PT
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