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Do i Trade AP? Please HELP!
Posted by bbrinker05 (3038 days ago)
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Should i do this trade? I get: Ray Rice Andre Johnson and Roddy White He gets: Adrian Peterson Vincent JAckson and Devin Hester I really need some advice on the way its a .5 ppr league

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ServerConsultants commented 3017 days ago
Pull the trigger! At this point Hester is droppable material from my perspective!
bbrinker05 (Poll Creator) commented 3033 days ago
thanks a lot i appreciate it
huntjesse commented 3035 days ago
The new Ray Ray is the man in Baltimore and is a can't miss for 15 points a week. Farve still audibles a ton to WRs in the redzone. Johnson and White are two studs and although Jackson is one also, Hester is a WR2 at best. I would make the trade if #1. you don't have to play him during the regular season and #2. You don't have a better option at WR2. You're giving away 40ish points per week and gaining 45ish. Look at the matchups for playoffs before pulling the trigger.
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Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Chicago Bears
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San Diego Chargers

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