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The Angel's Den
Created by dickrgt at 7/30/2012 2:58 AM PT
This is a public group, anybody can view and join.

Aneheim Angels fans, fantasy baseball fans

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dickrgt (Group Admin) posted 1964 days ago
Anyone stoked about Mr. Trout coming up from AAA and dominating the MLB with excellence and effort??? Oh Ya.. If you have him on your fantasy team, you have no worries about the need of any waivers in that spot. Roto, he's tearing up all categories, SB,R,HR,OBP,BA, etc.... with Trumbo and Pujols now on track too, Angels fans should have tons of confidence in a deep playoff run for 2012 and an unbelievable set of future years to come. I can't forget the acquisition of Zack Greinke, that should really help solidify the starting rotation. If there is a weak spot, Ervin Santana seems to be in need of a AAA trip soon. Guys like Garrett Richards would fill in nicely for him until he gets his game back together. Feel free to write about anything you would like as long as you are a fantasy baseball nut or are a dedicated Angels fan. I'm a fan of most every team but the Angels have always had that top spot in my heart, or brain if you will.. opinions, comments, messages, it's all fair game, just be tasteful. I'm Smelling a AL championship game, how about you? Go Angels....
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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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dickrgt (Admin)