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Here are some recent baseball questions our experts have received, along with their responses:
Which closer would you drop? Allen,Minter or Greene
Hi there! Allen is still the top saves guy in CLE. Hand will steal some opportunities, but not enough to get too scared. Vizcaino is still out for at least another month, so not Minter. I don't expect Brach to affect him much. If you're forced to drop one, go with Greene. Detroit might eventually switch to Joe Jimenez or even just trade Greene via waiver deadline, so he's the best bet of these 3 to fall apart/lose his role. Good luck! - Tim Heaney
I have an opportunity to pick up $4 Flaherty in an NL 5x5 10 team league. What do you think of his 2019 prospects? As an additional question I can pick up $2 Cervelli or $2 Barnhardt. I like Cervelli better, but his injury history concerns me. Which catcher for 2019?
Hi there! Flaherty has enticing K upside but might run into control issues next year. Not great at establishing the first strike (just 55.8 percent this year), which might lead to worse walk issues next season. Could be a lot like Luke Weaver: Great first look, opponents catch on. Still one of those top-20-ish NL SP types to take the chance on as long as you have a more secure NL-only ace, but he's going to have more issues next year, most likely. Not the biggest of playing catcher games for the future, given how little the middle and lower tiers contribute and how much you should focus your dollars on more productive positions. If it fits, though, Barnhart makes a lot of sense. He'll be 28 in 2019. Cervelli will be 33. Good luck!
In a 10 team 4x4 rotisserie (HR,RBI,BA,SB, ERA,WHIP,W,S) league what percentage of your money should you spend on pitching?
I don't have a hard-and-fast rule on this, but I'd say it's roughly a third, maybe a bit less. Andrew Fiorentino
In an AL only dynasty league I made an offer of Nick Castellanos (I still have Kyle Seager) and Elvis Andrus (or Tim Anderson) for Carlos Correa. The other owner said I would have to throw in prospect Alex Bregman to make any deal for Correa. I am not comfortable dealing Bregman as well. Am I buying into the hype on Bregman to much? I feel that's a deal killer for me. Your advise?? Castellanos/Andrus/Bregman for Correa Thanks in advance for your help!!!
Wow - the other owner is asking quite a bit to give up Correa. I don't blame him really, although adding Bregman? That's steep. I'm with you, I'm not comfortable making that move either with Bregman being unproven in MLB play (although we know the kid is going to be a superstar, right?!?). I would pass on this as it sits; however, you're going to need to offer more to get Correa. An offer of Bregman and Castellanos to land Correa and another small bat/arm may do it. Seems pretty fair. Just not sure you're willing to go that route. I'm not sure if you're fighting for a title this season. If not, I'd sit tight and wait for Bregman. If you are, then I can see going after Correa. Good luck! -Dave Hunter
I have a keeper league auction coming up -- it's a contract league where you can keep up to 10 players. Out of a $280 budget, I still have $230 left after my ten keeps. My question: Trout, Harper AND Kershaw (along with Staton, Arrieta, Bumgarner, Price, Grienke, Kluber) will all be available in the draft pool this year. Do you think, for the average price, it's worth going after one of those three all stars (Trout, Harper, or Kershaw,) or do you think it's better to save that cash, generally speaking, this year?
It depends on your keepers and the size of the league. The shallower the league, the more viable going stars and scrubs is. In a deeper league, it is tougher because the other players you will be able to afford will not be very good. If you have 10 solid keepers, and the league is 12-teams or fewer then getting all three guys would be a viable strategy. Shawn (CDub)
I'm in a 7x6 league (5x5 + OBP + QS + CGSO). We start 9 hitters (8 regular positions + Util), 2 SP, 2 RP, 3 P, and 5 bench spots. Everyone typically fills all 5 bench spots with SP. How heavy would you go SP-wise in the 1st 5 rounds? (The league has been won 4 times in 5 years by a guy who has taken 9 SP and 1 hitter with his 1st 10 picks every year. His logic was more pitching categories meant SP were more valuable. We all laughed thinking CGSO would almost always be a tie, but he has a dynasty.)
Well, taking a bunch of pitchers and then loading your lineup with speedsters is a legit strategy for sure, but be aware that if you do it, you and that other guy will dilute each other's pools and reduce each other's value, which will probably hurt the both of you while the rest of the league profits. Personally, I would be a maverick and take the opposite route -- assemble a team of high-OBP hitters, go light on starters (fill in with a few high-upside guys on the back end), and use five closers. This strategy is risky because closers are risky, but I think it's a more interesting counterpunch than just copying that other guy. - Andrew Fiorentino
I have the 14th pick in a 14 team snake draft that has 14 hitters (2 catchers) and 10 pitchers with standard 5 by 5 scoring. Sitting in this blizzard thinking of crazy strategies like taking 6 starting pitchers in first 10 rounds or two top catchers in first two rounds or anything that could give me an advantage. Any suggestions or should I just play it straight with the first 10 picks and take 4 pitchers and 6 hitters?
It is much easier to use a crazy strategy in an auction league than a snake draft. You cannot go pitchers in the first ten rounds. A lot of what you should do will depend on who is available when you pick. Given how many C start in your league, I could see going with 2 C in the first 5 rounds and a couple of P too. I think a pretty crazy, while still effective strategy might be, to go with 5 P and 5 batters in the first ten rounds with 2 of the batters being C. Shawn