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Multiple Position Player Value
Posted by djmorse07 (3001 days ago)
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Which multiple-position player will be most valuable to your 2010 Fantasy Baseball team?

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djmorse07 (Poll Creator) commented 2995 days ago
What about Cuddyer? .275 average with 30 homers and 89 rbi...same for Youk - .300 hitter with 27 homers, 91 rbi and a good OPS? Martinez has value but I have him 4th on this list.
smckeown commented 2996 days ago
I'd make the argument most of V-Mart's value comes from him being a catcher. The fact that Youk isn't winning this is insane to me.
kylemckeown16 commented 2997 days ago
V-Mart would have more value if he weren't actually playing Catcher most of the time.
TRENT13 commented 2998 days ago
Why shop at K-Mart when you get good value with V-Mart...
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Boston Red Sox
Minnesota Twins
San Francisco Giants
St. Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays

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