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Unusual player dump in keeper league
Posted by nweditor (3056 days ago)
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One of the eight owners in my league got tired of losing and dumped alll of his good players, including Greinke, Cano and others, in favor of an all-Twins team. What's the fairest way to disperse players he dropped?

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nweditor (Poll Creator) commented 3051 days ago
Thanks for everybody's feedback. I forced him to take back the players and explained that we're in a keeper league, and he was setting himself up for years of failure. He apologized. Interestingly, he actually won for the week despite playing half of it with his all-Twins lineup. So maybe his idea wasn't that crazy. But I couldn't let it disrupt the competitive balance of the league.
lovemussell commented 3052 days ago
I agree with Nate... it's unfair to have a team play them now and have an easy win... I would get his original team back and set his lineup for him to ensure fairness... disallow back next year
natedoyle commented 3055 days ago
Force the players back on his team, lock it and ban him from the league. You can't have that going on, especially if any $$ on the line...
***Edited at 8/6/2009 7:36 AM PT***
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