FAQ - iOS App - Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit '21
Please check out our list of frequently asked questions below.
  • Does the app require an internet connection for use during my draft?
    No. All data for the app is stored on your device, so internet access during your draft isn't required. However, it is recommended that you update your data as close to your draft day as possible to get the latest information.

  • What does logging into the app with my RotoWire account do?
    This allows you to connect to our site to import and export data so you can transfer data to other devices. Logging in also allows you to comment on the articles within the app.

  • What types of draft styles does the app support?
    The app supports drafts and auctions. Even if your league has a unique draft order, our assignment of players is flexible so you can assign players to the correct teams.

  • Does the app automatically mark off players who have been drafted in my league?
    No. You must mark off the players as they are drafted. You mark off a player by swiping or tapping his row and assigning him to a team.

  • Does the app run mock drafts?
    Yes, the app runs mock drafts, but not mock auctions. On the iPad, tap "Mock Draft" at the top of the screen. On the iPhone, tap the menu button in the upper-left and tap "Mock Draft".

  • Can I add my own notes on players within the app?
    Yes. Tap on a player and enter notes into the "Your Notes" box. If "Your Notes" isn't shown on the player screen, tap "Notes".

  • What do I do if the app freezes?
    Try to close the app completely and restart it.

  • How do I edit the settings to match my league's settings?
    Go into Settings. Tap the "(Current)" draft and input your league's settings into the app.

  • How do I set the team names?
    Go into Settings. Edit the current draft. Tap "Add/Edit Teams". On that screen you can tap on a team to change the name.

    Note: If you are using the "Draft Just My Team" setting, there is no option to "Add/Edit teams", you just select the number of teams in a draft.

  • Can players be added to the draft app?
    Yes. You can add Unlisted Players by using the "Add/Edit Unlisted Players" area in the Settings. You can also add players by tapping the "Tap to Create Player" row which appears at the bottom of the search area after searching for a name. These players will act as simple placeholders noted by ** before the name you entered and won't be linked to any RotoWire info such as projections. As your draft approaches, you may want to check to see if RotoWire added the official player to the app and replace the unlisted player.

  • How do I enter keepers?
    Go into Settings. Edit the current draft. Tap on "Keepers".

  • Can I score SP/RP independently?
    No. At this time, SP (starting pitching) is not scored independently from RP (relief pitching).

  • What should I do if the app doesn't have all the scoring settings that my league uses?
    Please note there are many scoring settings that won't affect rankings. The app accommodates as many scoring styles as possible, but may not have everything. Input all of your scoring settings and the app will get you very close to the best rankings for your league. Manually ranking players afterwards can take into account your league's extra settings.

  • After entering my league scoring criteria, there are some lower-tier players ranked very high that shouldn't be. Is the app working correctly?
    Check to make sure you entered your scoring criteria correctly. One small mistake can make a big difference.

  • I set up the app for an auction and the dollar values don't seem right. What's going on?
    First, verify that your settings are correct, bad settings can cause issues with values.

    Negative dollar values are normal, they are used to indicate when there are differences in player values. If all lower-level players were valued at $1, there would be no way to tell which lower-level player is better.

    Please note that predicting dollar values for every type of auction is difficult because each auction is unique. Use our values as a general guide, but you must factor in the bidding style of your opponents.

  • Does the app account for inflation?
    Yes, but because of the length of time it takes to run calculations, inflation calculations will only be run when you download draft data or manually run inflation values by using the "Update $" button on the cheatsheet.

  • Why do players have negative values?
    While the negative values may appear incorrect, they show up that way as a means to sort the rankings. If the negatives didn't show up, you would be left with a large group of players worth the minimum bid, and no way to rank them. Essentially all the negative players will only be worth the minimum bid based on our projections.

  • How are projected standings calculated?
    This is calculated based on your league settings. Only players from the starting lineup are factored in the standings calculation.

  • Can I set my own rankings?
    Yes. You can set your own rankings for drafts, but not auctions. Go to the "Rankings" button at the top of the rankings. From there, tap on "Manual Rankings" and tap on "Edit Manual Rankings". Then you can tap on the 3 bars on the right side of a player cell and drag that player to where you would like them ranked. Once you're done editing the ranks, tap "Done".

  • Can I sort by anything other than value-based rankings or custom (manual) rankings?
    Yes. On the iPad, you can sort by the stats displayed at the top of the cheatsheet. On the iPhone, you can tap "Rankings" for drafts and "Sort" for auctions to select new ways to order.

  • Why are no players showing up on the rankings?
    Make sure that you are viewing the rankings under All or Available, and not Drafted players. If that doesn't help, make sure your Roster Settings are correct and your league has roster spots for that position. Finally, try updating the player data. The last update might not have completed successfully. As a last resort, we suggest exporting your draft info to our servers, delete the app, download the app again for free, then import your data.

  • I just updated the data, why isn't anything showing?
    Please try updating the data again; the download may have been interrupted. If the update continues to fail, as a last resort, we suggest exporting your draft info to our servers, delete the app, download the app again for free, then import your data.

  • Why are the rankings not in line with the points?
    The rankings are value-based rankings.

  • What are value-based rankings?
    These are rankings which factor into your league's roster settings, the scoring settings and the number of teams in a draft.

  • Do the rankings update each time a player is drafted?

  • Why is a player ranked high even though he had a season-ending injury?
    You may have turned on Manual Rankings, and updating the projections will no longer change the rankings of players automatically. To turn this off go to "Rankings" and tap "Value". Another possibility is you may need to download the most recent data.

  • Why are the rankings in the app different than the rankings on the web site?
    Occasionally, you may notice slight differences between the rankings in the app and on the RotoWire web site. This is because we use slightly different formulas between the two platforms. To ensure that the rankings are as consistent as possible, it's recommended that you update your data and double-check your scoring settings and projected points for various players to properly match those listed on the web site.

  • What do the abbreviations in the app mean?
    $ Val: Dollar Value ADP: Average Draft Position (based-on data from Mock Draft Central) CR: Corner Infielder (first baseman or third baseman) DOB: Date of Birth ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival (to the Majors) FPoints/FPt: Projected fantasy points based on the scoring settings HTH/H2H: Head-to-head MI: Middle Infielder (second baseman or shortstop) NRI: Non-roster invitee - a player invited to spring training, but is not on the 40-man roster RNK/RK: Rank * You can also see a list of the scoring category abbreviations by viewing your draft's scoring settings.

  • When editing my league's scoring categories, why aren't certain categories (OBP, ERA, WHIP, Batting average) shown?
    You may have accidentally selected your league's scoring style to be points instead of rotisserie. Points leagues have different point values for different categories. For example: 2 points for each stolen base and 1 point for each RBI.

  • Can categories be added?
    We offer a large list of scoring categories that you can use by going to Settings> Edit Current Draft> Scoring Categories and then tap on any additional scoring categories that you would like to include. If you feel we're missing categories that will affect rankings, please contact us at support@rotowire.com

  • How do I change the order of teams in a draft?
    Go into Settings. Tap the current draft. Tap "Add/Edit Teams". Use the 3-bar icons on the right to drag teams to different spots.

    Note: If you are using the "Draft Just My Team" option, There is no option to "Add/Edit Teams", you just select the number of teams in a draft.

  • Can I use the app for multiple drafts?
    Yes. Go to Settings, tap 'Create New Draft'.

  • Why do the 3-Year Averages (3YrAv) look like they don't include 2020?
    Since 2020 was a shortened season, stats from that season were prorated when calculating the 3-Year Averages.

If you still have questions, please email us support@rotowire.com