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Fantasy Articles Featuring Bryan LaHair

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Bryan LaHair's name.

Collette Calls: Red Light, Green Light?

The Tigers didn't run much under former manager Jim Leyland, but could Austin Jackson and company see significant gains in stolen bases with Brad Ausmus at the helm?

Collette Calls: Monitoring the Small Sample

Jason Collette considers the changing processes of a small sample size to better determine what awaits Hisashi Iwakuma in the coming months.

The Wheelhouse: Wasted Opportunities

Infield flyballs are just as costly to a hitter as strikeouts. Dan Uggla generated plenty of both last season. Should you write off a rebound? Derek VanRiper takes a closer look at hitters wasting opportunities.

Stathead Sagas: Revisiting The June Mock Draft

Circling the Bases: 2012 MLB Bullpen Disasters

Ray Flowers examines the risks in overvaluing closers in fantasy drafts and strategies in drafting the right players.

Transaction Analysis: Helton Waves Goodbye to 2012

Charging the Mound: Labels

Is Pedro Alvarez truly a streaky player? How exactly do we measure a player's streakiness, and how do we profit from it?

In Some Depth: Crowd of Cards

Circling the Bases: O, Say Where Is Hardy?

Bernie On The Scene: Four Pack in Milwaukee

Jed Bradley was the second pitcher selected by the Brewers during the 2011 draft, but he's struggling in his first professional season at Brevard County.

Transaction Analysis: Utley, Finally, Returns for Phils

Minor League Barometer: Prospects Proving their Worth

FAAB Factor - NL: Howard Nearing His Return

Ryan Howard is getting closer and closer to returning -- will he be a fantasy gamechanger when he hits the field?

Charging the Mound: Jonah Keri Makes a Guest Appearance

Trading early can net you a big profit. Also, we talk about some of the early surprises, plus the Rockies' four-man rotation plan.

Tuesday Lineup Card: Might Be Time for Rizzo

Wednesday Lineup Card: Time to Pick Up Parker

MLB Barometer: Why Manny?

Why did the A's sign Manny Ramirez anyhow? His potential debut with them is going to cause a huge playing time concern with little palpable payoff.

In Some Depth: Interleague Part II

Kendrys Morales will have to dust off his glove and play first base when the Angels visit National League parks in the coming weeks.

Wednesday Lineup Card: Kemp Returns

FAAB Factor - NL: Happening Times

Circling the Bases: Lawrie Falling Short

Brett Lawrie is running, but he's been a disappointment in the power categories so far.

Minor League Barometer: Bundy is Killing It

Tuesday Lineup Card: Another Closer Change in DC?

Monday Lineup Card: Closer Committee In Cincy

Charging the Mound: Player Envy

Which players create envy in you for not owning them? For a while, Chris Liss was envious of those who had a shot to own Matt Kemp, but he's moved on from that.

Salary Cap Chronicles: Stanton Finding the Range

Giancarlo Stanton is starting to crush the ball after a rough beginning to the season.

Circling the Bases: Concerns About A-Gone

Adrian Gonzalez is off to a slow start - Ray Flowers isn't surprised.

Collette Calls: Another Late Bloomer?

Nelson Cruz spent parts of eight seasons at Triple-A and was designated for assignment by the Rangers, before breaking out in the big leagues in late 2008. Could a similar situation be developing on the north side of Chicago?

Charging the Mound: The Value of Clairvoyance

How much of an advantage would you have to know the results of the first month of the season, and avoid major injuries like that to Jacoby Ellsbury?

The Daily Duel: Discounted Targets