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Fantasy Articles Featuring Hayden Simpson

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Hayden Simpson's name.

Behind the Backstop: Scouting 101: Pitchers

Velocity goes a long way in the projection of pitchers, but Tory Hernandez paints a more complete picture to explain how a guy like Sonny Gray made a huge move up the draft board by choosing to attend college.

Minor League Barometer: M's Almonte Finally Sailing

Minor League Barometer: Grimm Time for Batters

Bernie On The Scene: Draft Impact, Part II

Scouts debated Tim Lincecum's ability to avoid injury in 2006, enabling the Giants to reap the benefits of landing the two-time Cy Young award winner at No. 10 overall.

MLB Team Previews: 2011 Cubs Preview

Despite bad contracts with aging players like Alfonso Soriano, the Cubs traded prospects for Matt Garza in the hopes of making a run in the NL Central

Mound Musings: Closers in Waiting

John Sickels' Column: Early Draft Review

With the early rounds in the books, John takes a look around the league at how teams have fared thus far.