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Fantasy Articles Featuring Jose Lopez

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Jose Lopez's name.

White Sox's Team Preview: Come Sale Away

The successful transition of Chris Sale to the rotation was one of many reasons the White Sox exceeded expectations last season.

The Lineup Card: Checking Out the Matchups

Saturday Lineup Card: Go Nab Nate

Friday Lineup Card: The Return of Chris Carpenter

Thursday Lineup Card: Dylan Bundy Gets The Call

Wednesday Lineup Card: A Bulls-eye on Archer

The Lineup Card: A Wise Choice

Saturday Lineup Card: Mad About Marco

FAAB Factor - AL: September Roster Expansion

Jurickson Profar was by far the biggest name promoted among the AL September callups - but how much will he play?

Friday Lineup Card: K is for Knuckleballer

In Some Depth: Time Warp

The Orioles have been leaning on former Pirate Nate McLouth as a regular -- in their No. 3 spot -- in recent weeks.

Wednesday Lineup Card: What Can Brown Do For You?

Thursday Lineup Card: Picking Up Speed

Sunday Lineup Card: Better Call Paul

Monday Lineup Card: Don't Eat Crow

Saturday Lineup Card: Big Names Back From DL

Sunday Lineup Card: Going Rogue With Ruggiano

Wednesday Lineup Card: Yasmani Nice Qualities About Him

Tuesday Lineup Card: Catching Help is Available

FAAB Factor - AL: Adam Lind Returns

Adam Lind is back after playing Vegas for a while, tearing it up while he was there. Should you take a chance on him this time around?

Saturday Lineup Card: New Closer Up in Big Apple

Wednesday Lineup Card: He Looks Good Thome

Tuesday Lineup Card: Bauer Hour

In Some Depth: Changes At The Hot Corner

Saturday Lineup Card: Injury News On Hamilton, Halladay, Holland, and Howard

In Some Depth: Bumpy Comeback Trail

Another setback for Brett Gardner leaves the door open for playing time in left field in the Bronx.

Wednesday Lineup Card: Time to Pick Up Parker

Wednesday Lineup Card: Kemp Returns

In Some Depth: Manny Nearing Return

Owners who stashed Manny Ramirez away on draft day may finally begin to receive a return on their investment as his 50-game suspension ends this week.

FAAB Factor - AL: Replacing Brandon League