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Fantasy Articles Featuring Jermaine Dye

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Jermaine Dye's name.

Collette Calls: In-Season Article Review

Jason Collette looks back at his in-season articles from 2014, including his pre-demotion take on Cleveland right-hander Danny Salazar.

Collette Calls: BABIP Surprises

While some players like Anaheim's Mike Trout carry a higher BABIP baseline, there are many players with correction on the horizon in the coming months. Jason Collette takes a closer look at the early surprises.

R.O.I. 100: The ROI 100 - The Hitters

Bryce Harper tops Erik Siegrist's list of hitters under the age of 25 in terms of his economic upside.

FAAB Factor- AL: Dallas Braden and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Jeremy Bonderman and Others

John Sickels' Column: MLB Draft Board 1-25

Are Closers Worth It?: Are Closers Worth It?

Owning Players in Multiple Leagues: Owning Players in Multiple Leagues

How to Approach a Medium-Deep Draft : How to Approach a Medium-Deep Draft

Charging the Mound: What to Make of the Jays

Liss returns this week and asks what to make of Vernon Wells and the Toronto Blue Jays.