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Fantasy Articles Featuring Carlos Lee

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Carlos Lee's name.

The Wheelhouse: So You Want to Be a GM?

After criticizing Royals general manager Dayton Moore's only trade at Wednesday's non-waiver deadline, Derek VanRiper retraces his steps over the past 18 months and questions some of his own decisions.

Collette Calls: Irrational Fear?

Concerned that Giancarlo Stanton won't see pitches to hit because of the lineup around him? Jason Collette takes a closer look at the myth of lineup protection.

Collette Calls: Market Watch

Jason Collette takes a look at how the recent LABR mixed draft varies from the NFBC ADP report.

Astros' Team Preview: Rebuilding Process, Year 2

The Astros' new front office has managed to turn around the farm system in short order, but can the 2013 product find a way to surprise?

Circling the Bases: Melky Mediocre Next Year?

Ray Flowers is skeptical that Melky Cabrera can approach his 2012 rate stats with Toronto next year.

Circling the Bases: Second-Half OPS

Chase Headley's breakout season was fueled by a huge second half.

Tuesday Lineup Card: Every Rose Has It's Thornburg

Saturday Lineup Card: When The Going Gets Ruf

Friday Lineup Card: The Final Friday

The Lineup Card: Checking Out the Matchups

Saturday Lineup Card: Go Nab Nate

Monday Lineup Card: Turning A Corner

The Lineup Card: End Of Season Fun With Chris Nelson

Saturday Lineup Card: Buying Low(rie)

Friday Lineup Card: Taken By Forsythe

Stathead Sagas: Schlock Draft

Could you have reasonably drafted a team so bad in March, that the addition of Mike Trout would have failed to save it?

Wednesday Lineup Card: Solano On a Hot Streak

Tuesday Lineup Card: Andrelton is Back

Monday Lineup Card: Parmelee Busting Out

FAAB Factor - NL: Huge Slate of September Callups

Jan Levine reviews the slate of NL players getting the call and suggests a few others that might be on their way.

Friday Lineup Card: K is for Knuckleballer

The Lineup Card: Answer Your Query With Mayberry

Saturday Lineup Card: Cuckoo for Ciriaco

Monday Lineup Card: Another Japanese Pitcher Gains Steam

Friday Lineup Card: Grab Jay For The Rest Of The Way

Wednesday Lineup Card: Forever Young

Tuesday Lineup Card: Dirks Works

Saturday Lineup Card: Defying Murphy's Law

The Lineup Card: Filling A-Void

Thursday Lineup Card: Afternoon Baseball, Anyone?