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Fantasy Articles Featuring Jeremy Hermida

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Jeremy Hermida's name.

Regan's Rumblings: 30 Teams, 30 Surprises

Dave Regan rumbles about one player per team that's surprised him this year, either for better or for worse.

Spring Training Job Battles: Setting the Table

As spring training begins, Brian Pelowski takes a look around the league to examine job battles for all 30 teams.

Indians' Team Preview: Major Changes

The Indians lost a number of their mainstays, but held on to Asdrubal Cabrera.

The Lineup Card: If You Will Lean Towards Picking Up A Catcher...

Friday Lineup Card: Grab Jay For The Rest Of The Way

Wednesday Lineup Card: Forever Young

Tuesday Lineup Card: Dirks Works

Friday Lineup Card: Ride The Closer Carousel

Wednesday Lineup Card: He Looks Good Thome

Wednesday Lineup Card: Everything is A-Aoki

Wednesday Lineup Card: I Caught You A Delicious Bass

FAAB Factor - NL: Pedro Alvarez A Pirate Treasure Again?

Pedro Alvarez and his hot streak rank among the popular FAAB picks this week.

Sunday Lineup Card: Fishy Saves

Tuesday Lineup Card: Full Slate Under The Lights

Saturday Lineup Card: Time To Own Milone

Friday Lineup Card: Nightmare on Elm St. Edition

Sunday Lineup Card: Ventura Names a Closer

2012 Marlins Preview: Marlins 2012: Greater Expectations

A lot rides on Hanley Ramirez's healthy return and cross-over to third base.

Tuesday Lineup Card: Perky Royals Saved in Holland

Friday's Lineup Card: Streaming Time

Drew Pomeranz is Friday's streaming candidate.

Transaction Analysis: Downsizing Grady

FAAB Factor - NL: September Reinforcements Galore

Jan Levine breaks down all the new additions to the NL player pool.

Saturday Lineup Card: A Tiger to Target

Collette Calls: Aggressive Promotion

Are the Nats making a mistake by pushing Bryce Harper to Double-A without a stop at High-A?

In Some Depth: NL Pitchers Under the Radar

Let the Peacock Fly!

NL FAAB Factor: Cueto Returns From Injury

Thursday Lineup Card: Surprise, Surprise; More Closer Woes

NL FAAB Factor: Several Closer Situations in Flux

Tuesday Lineup Card: In Ubaldo We Trust

FAAB Factor - NL: Relievers Turned Starters

Kyle McClellan is among a handful of former relievers that have won starting rotation jobs this spring. See what Jan Levine thinks about his free agent value.