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Fantasy Articles Featuring Wilson Valdez

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Wilson Valdez's name.

Reds' Team Preview: All-In For 2013

Aroldis Chapman is moving back to the starting rotation this spring.

In Some Depth: Grinding It Out

With the Orioles still threatening, the Yankees may not have the luxury of resting Derek Jeter in the coming weeks.

Sunday Lineup Card: Who Knows Deduno?

Thursday Lineup Card: Afternoon Baseball, Anyone?

Friday Lineup Card: Everyone's Banged Up

Charging the Mound: What Didn't Happen At the Trade Deadline

The Twins were mostly inactive at the trade deadline, holding onto Justin Morneau among others.

Saturday Lineup Card: New Closer Up in Big Apple

Monday Lineup Card: Corn On The Cobb

FAAB Factor - NL: Chasing Utley's Return

Chase Utley is on a rehab assignment and could be a difference maker upon his return to the big leagues.

Wednesday Lineup Card: Roberts is Back

Wednesday Lineup Card: Catcher on the Rise

Friday Lineup Card: Guerra Gets Back on the Horse

FAAB Factor - NL: Fishing For Saves In Miami, San Francisco

Brian Wilson is down in San Francisco and Heath Bell is struggling mightily in Miami. Potential replacements headline this week's NL FAAB stars.

2012 Reds Preview: Reds 2012: The Window

The Reds were aggressive this offseason, seeing this as their window of opportunity to compete.

2012 Phillies Preview: Phillies 2012: Division Rivals Closing In

2011 MLB Playoffs Cheatsheet: Fewer Bankrolls This Year

There are fewer clear underdogs this year, meaning it's less profitable to draft lesser players on purportedly stronger teams. Thus, someone like Miguel Cabrera doesn't necessarily get discounted.

Tuesday Lineup Card: Perky Royals Saved in Holland

Wednesday Lineup Card: Dotel for the Save

The Lineup Card: San Salvador

Wednesday Lineup Card: Delgado Get Him

Tuesday Lineup Card: Catcher on the Corners

Monday Lineup Card: This Drew's For You

Monday Lineup Card: Labor Day Look

Transaction Analysis: Jay, D-Backs Swap

In Some Depth: Cliche-ing For the Cycle

Carson Cistulli is giving 110 percent.

FAAB Factor - NL: Will Bauer Get the Call - Now!?

Trevor Bauer is turning heads in the Diamondbacks' farm system.

Saturday Lineup Card: Strasburg Almost Ready

Transaction Analysis: Carp's the Winner in Seattle

In Some Depth: Happy Columbus Day Anniversary

Saturday Lineup Card: Street Back to the DL