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Fantasy Articles Featuring Bill Bray

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Bill Bray's name.

Nationals' Team Preview: 98 Wins and Rising?

The Nats' mix of a strong young nucleus and steady veterans has put the franchise in position as perennial World Series contenders.

Reds' Team Preview: All-In For 2013

Aroldis Chapman is moving back to the starting rotation this spring.

Saturday Lineup Card: Mad About Marco

Wednesday Lineup Card: Holland Days

FAAB Factor - NL: Howard Nearing His Return

Ryan Howard is getting closer and closer to returning -- will he be a fantasy gamechanger when he hits the field?

Saturday Lineup Card: KC Officially Ready to Sal-ivate

Wednesday Lineup Card: Roberts is Back

Monday Lineup Card: Knock On Wood

Wednesday Lineup Card: Kemp Returns

Saturday Lineup Card: Another Blown Save for Bell

Sunday Lineup Card: Berkman, Bonifacio to DL?

Sunday Lineup Card: Reddick at the Bat

Sunday Lineup Card: Alert The Medics

Wednesday Lineup Card: Catcher on the Rise

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Are some players particularly injury prone, or is it just bad luck?

FAAB Factor - NL: First FAAB Period Suggestions

Who should you be bidding on after the spring training fallout? Jan Levine has the answers.

Spring Training Job Battles: Early Frontrunners

2012 Reds Preview: Reds 2012: The Window

The Reds were aggressive this offseason, seeing this as their window of opportunity to compete.

The Lineup Card: Aces Wild

Cy Young Award winners, such as Chris Carpenter, and hopefuls will take the hill all around Major League Baseball on Monday. Batters beware.

NL FAAB Factor: New Faces in Houston