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Fantasy Articles Featuring Ryan Theriot

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Ryan Theriot's name.

Collette Calls: Breaking Down Trea Turner

Jason Collette analyzes the prospects for Trea Turner, who has forced himself into an everyday role this year and likely next year.

The Wheelhouse: Wasted Opportunities

Infield flyballs are just as costly to a hitter as strikeouts. Dan Uggla generated plenty of both last season. Should you write off a rebound? Derek VanRiper takes a closer look at hitters wasting opportunities.

Monday Lineup Card: Turning A Corner

Tuesday Lineup Card: Andrelton is Back

MLB Barometer: Not So Grand

Curtis Granderson is among the downgrades in this week's Barometer.

The Lineup Card: Answer Your Query With Mayberry

Friday Lineup Card: Papi's Coming Home

Tuesday Lineup Card: Colvin Thriving in Colorado

Transaction Analysis: Melky Whiffs

Friday Lineup Card: Everyone's Banged Up

Bernie On The Scene: Grading the Middle Infielders

An increasing number of middle infielders are showing power akin to Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler. Bernie Pleskoff takes a closer look.

Sunday Lineup Card: Sister Christian, Oh The Time Has Come

Saturday Lineup Card: Astros, Jays Complete Massive Deal

Thursday Lineup Card: K-Rod Back In The Closer's Role

Saturday Lineup Card: Big Names Back From DL

Friday Lineup Card: Back In Action

Tuesday Lineup Card: Catching Help is Available

Saturday Lineup Card: New Closer Up in Big Apple

Friday Lineup Card: Grab The Cashner And Run

Tuesday Lineup Card: Bauer Hour

Thursday Lineup Card: The Plouffe Is In the Pudding

Friday Lineup Card: Stars Falling (To Injury)

In Some Depth: Manny Nearing Return

Owners who stashed Manny Ramirez away on draft day may finally begin to receive a return on their investment as his 50-game suspension ends this week.

FAAB Factor - NL: Happening Times

Friday Lineup Card: A New Dawn For Morneau

FAAB Factor - NL: Trevor Bauer's Time Near?

Sunday Lineup Card: Reddick at the Bat

Tuesday Lineup Card: Picking Up Parker

Sunday Lineup Card: Cordero in Blue

Wednesday Lineup Card: Another Committee In Washington